Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Misticon Ladies Kick Ass- Susie Foottit

Hey Guys,

I know you were all holding your breath for our latest update, well here it is....

Our latest Misticon Lady, just got back from Holiday looking fierce in her Misticon Grommet Dress..... a round of applause for Susie Foottit

Where do you go on holiday? Club Med, Mautitius

What's your favorite Misticon item to bring along? My two beach dresses, Grommet and Booter. Takes you through the day, from breakfast to the beach

What is your favorite Misticon item to wear in cold cold snowy London? My black Snowbird Cardigan and Vest

If you were on "Come Dine With Me" what would your three course meal be to wow your guests? Moules Mariniere to start, Chicken Legs cooked with Chorizo, Rosemary and Chili with Saffron Rice, followed by a flash-looking Raspberry Pavlova

Would you rather hug a porcupine or a skunk? Skunk, no question

Up to this point, what are you most proud of? Spotting a fab business and helping it get off the ground (Misticon being a case in point)

Up to this point, what are you most proud of that is ultra scandalous? Riding a horse naked through Coventry

Piece of advise for other Kick Ass Misticon Ladies? Put on your brave-boots every morning and deal with the things that you don't want to deal with before stuff that is a breeze

What's a staple of your "business" wardrobe? Twinsets, v. sophisticated and easy to wear

Susie has always been a misticon lady, supporting Misticon with her business knowhow and partying ability. We are very proud to induct her into the "Misticon Ladies Kick Ass Hall of Fame"... and will hopefuly celebrate with some 'Flash-Looking Raspberry Pavlova' mmmmmm

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