Friday, 10 September 2010

Get Gwen Stefani's Autumn Look

Everyone's been talking about Gwen wearing this gorgeous Maxi last week- Steal her style with this gorgeous Maxi from Misticon

When it's cold a girl's still got to look glamorous, so get this thick material Killer B Maxi Dress by Misticon - it's super flattering, plus it's comfortable and wearable enough to lounge about it or team it with a sexy pair of heels. Either way, the dress has the perfect combination of both worlds.

* 100% Cotton
* Long length
* Slit from bottom to mid calf
* Tied elasticated waist with beaded drawstrings
* Concealed hook and eye at bust
* Batwing sleeves

Click here to buy the blue version (Misticon exclusive)

Also Available in exclusively at Extremepie Misticon Killer B Maxi Dress

Monday, 6 September 2010

Results from LA 2010 Skate Film Fest

Best Emerging Filmmaker: Symmetry, Directed and Produced by Dayman Cash
Best International Film: Plank, Directed by Billy Pols, Produced by Maarten Kuit. Executive Producer: Jeroen Van Den Idsert
Best Skate Shop Video: The Dango is Dead, Directed and produced by Joe Perrin. Executive Producer: John Montesi
Best Independent Film: Machotaildrop, Directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig, Produced Oliver Linsley and Jared Valentine, Executive Producers: Shon Tomlin and CJ Olivares
Best Documentary: Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul, directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel, Produced by Orlando Von Einsiedel and Louis Figgis. Executive Producers: Jon Prever, Thanh Ma, Rod Stanley
Best Commercial: Nestle Aero, Directed by Ty Evans, Produced by Nathan De La Rhionda. Executive Producer: Dana Garman
Best US Film: Extremely Sorry, directed by Flip Productions, produced by Ewan Bowman. Executive Producers: Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox, Claymation: Edgar Alvarez, Original Music: Baron

Nadia spotted in Misticon

We always have a big smile on our faces whenever we spot a lady walking down the street in Misticon. But can you imagine our suprise when, whilst channel hopping, we spotted Nadia Almada wearing our Booter Dress.
Nadia was the winner of BB5 and is a firm favourite with host Davina who has described her as the "ultimate housemate". Nadia likes clothes to be comfortable and Glam which is obviously why she chose to wear Misticon in the house. The Booter fetaures Diamonte and silk lining details.
We've grabbed some scren shots of the lady looking fab in this design which is available here for only £30 !

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Girly Legs Rocks!

We leant the ladies at girly legs some Misticon Goodies for their photoshoot in Plymouth last week and just check out the results.
Why not visit the Girly Legs site here

Girlylegs Photo Shoot in Prime Skatepark. from Girlylegs on Vimeo.

Featured in the video:

Phat Vest - £25.00

Tomerhawk Hoody Dress -£60.00

Interview with Emily Meade

Misticon: Hey Emily! Thanks for joining the Misticon Team- first things first - how long have you been snowboarding?
Emily Meade: I've been snowboarding for 6 years but only started doing freestyle in feb this year
Misticon: To many girls are put off by the dangerous rep snowboarding has for broken bone- But how bad is it really? Whats been your worst injury so far?
Emily Meade: My biggest injury.. was a fractured elbow
Misticon: So you have just had your first ever comp what was it- and how did you do?
Emily: I was place 3rd in the Southern Freestyle jam
Misticon: Impressive Results who'se coaching you
Emily Meade: Rob Needham (Charlottes old coach )
Misticon: Where do you like to snowboard?
Emily Meade: Hemel
Misticon: Finally Emily can you give us a picture of you wearing some Misticon whilst your mid jump?
Misticon: check out Emily's blog here

Road Train and Cemetery Junction DVD reviews on

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