Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Interview with Emily Meade

Misticon: Hey Emily! Thanks for joining the Misticon Team- first things first - how long have you been snowboarding?
Emily Meade: I've been snowboarding for 6 years but only started doing freestyle in feb this year
Misticon: To many girls are put off by the dangerous rep snowboarding has for broken bone- But how bad is it really? Whats been your worst injury so far?
Emily Meade: My biggest injury.. was a fractured elbow
Misticon: So you have just had your first ever comp what was it- and how did you do?
Emily: I was place 3rd in the Southern Freestyle jam
Misticon: Impressive Results who'se coaching you
Emily Meade: Rob Needham (Charlottes old coach )
Misticon: Where do you like to snowboard?
Emily Meade: Hemel
Misticon: Finally Emily can you give us a picture of you wearing some Misticon whilst your mid jump?
Misticon: check out Emily's blog here

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