Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lily Allen- Fabio is a b*****rd

Lily Allen isn't very happy about this afternoons match and particularly about the England manager. She vented through her twitter account " Never thought I say this butHodgson for England. Fabio is a stubborn bastard, hope we send him home on easyjet, "we played well" my arse."
Well she does have a point.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Pleas officer help me strip pleads Lohan

Ah Lindsay the popo are well trained in performing strip search on you but you'll hopefully be a much more pleasant state when the long arm of the law helps you undress this time.
The 23 year old requires an officer to remove her court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet so she can pose for pictures to promote her new handbag line 6126.
The officer would need to remain present during the shoot which Lohan is planning to do naked surrounded by her accessories to ensure that the wayward Mean Girls star puts her ankle bracelet back on.
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A year on from Michael Jackson's death

Everywhere you go Michael is looking at you. Every tshirt company in business has created a homage to the prince of pop. Record stores still place strong merchandising focus on his cds, films and biography's and Michael posters and other items are still for sale.
So can it really be a year since the singer passed away? Yep this friday marks the anniversary of his death and thousands of fans are expected to mourn the loss of Jackson who would have turned 51 this year.
Many fans are expected to turn up at the Forest Lawn Cemetry where he is buried and the law has already been laid down.
Nobody will be allowed to go near Michael's grave and a massive crackdown is expected on vendors, moonwalkers, impersonators and music.
Le Toya Jackson visited one of Michael's closest allies Bubbles with Animal Planet for a new documentary revealing the life the chimp had whilst living with Jackson. She visited him in his new home and got a bit teary saying to the primate "I miss you".
Since his death the Michael Jackson estate has amassed wealth of $1 million dollars.
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Lady GaGa's third album could be out soon

Its been a hectict two years for Lady GaGa but the 24 year old singer song writer spoke yesterday about having already finished her third album whilst on her current "Monster Ball" tour.
She said "I've been working on it for months now and I feel very strongly that it's finished right now. It came so quickly. Some artists take years - I don't. I write music everyday."
But could the pop sensation who had her first hit with "Just dance" at the very end of 2008 but at risk of burning her self out with this third album and all the work that goes with it? Her hectic schedule has seen her have a string of collapses before her show.

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Bring back the ladettes

We have to agree with Denise Van Outen. She spoke to the press yesterday about her upcoming slot on the Five O'clock show with Melanie Sykes.
"When we were presenting years ago on The Big Breakfast the presenters were all very real' 'we got labelled ladettes but we were just opinionated.' 'Suddenly . . You have to be sugary and just read the autocue and smile."
We definitely would back a return to having a few more mouthy ladies dominating our screens.
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Monday, 21 June 2010

Hairspray star Amanda Bynes retires aged 24

Its hard times out there in the work market but we are sure that Nickelodeon groomed actress Amanda Bynes has a good back up plan as she announced yesterday on twitter that's she quitting showbiz.
The star said she no longer enjoyed acting. She said "being an actress isn't as fun as it seems".
Amanda's first role was in pre-teen "the Amanda Show" which followed a similar format to shows that have propelled Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff to stardom.
Her film and tv career never really followed off in the same suit and it is suggested she didn't feel comfortable watching her peers excel above her and disliked the roles she was typecasted for.
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For all those of you who interested in the St Albans comp but missed out why not check out Girlzilla at this years Relentless NASS Festival.
It's the 3rd Annual comp and Misticon are proud Sponsors

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Results from St Albans Skate Jam

Results from the 9th All Girl UK Skate Jam

All Girl Skate Jam 2010 saint albans pioneer park


We are very pleased to hear that the weather stayed dry for the 9th ever All Girl Skate Jam- and sounds like all microphone issues were resolved. All Girls were on top form and we thought we'd share the results with you!

Competition 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mini Ramp Hilary Pearce Danielle Mellor Georgina Matthews
Under 18's Laura Johnson Charlotte Brennon Caitlin Robinson
Over 18's Georgina Matthews Emma Richardson Danielle Gallacher
Sponsored Lucy Adams Evelien Bouilliart Caroline Deanie Helena Dynybil

As soon as we get our hands on the videos and further pictures from the day we will let you know and post them here. Congratulations to all the entrants we hear through Louis Pendelbury's Ladies Monthly Facebook Group that the standards were even higher this year. Hope all the winners like their Misticon goodies and well done Jenna Selby of Rogue Skateboards for making such an amazing event and allowing us to sponsor it!

Why not read more about the St Alban's Jam here

Khaki the most difficult trend this summer

Cheryl Cole may broken hearted when it comes to one of her love affairs but her passion for khaki is still burning strong.
We've all see versions of her cargo paints and sleeveless jackets littering the high street stores and the bodies of the sylish ladies that prowl them however some of the key elements of the khaki trend have been worked to the bone already and been replicated everywhere.
We know that the fashion concious amongst you loathe to be caught in the same outfit as someone else which is why we design this gorgeous khaki grommet to handle your hunger for this key summer trend.
The grommet stretches to fit you cut underneath the bust for a flattering fit with gold luex and diamente trim details all boosting the overall finish of this fab dress.
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Friday, 18 June 2010

Rankin celebrated through exhibition

He's one of the photographers of our time and for the next month his work will be exhibited at the Annroy Gallery in North London.
He said of the exhibition "I love connecting with people, working with them not only to get a great photograph but one that captures a little bit of who they are,".
You could definitely say that this picture of Misticon Designer, Model and Snowboarder Charlotte Dutton taken by Rankin for TopShop Unique (shortly before she launched her first clothing line Charlotte Dutton MotoSno with the high street brand) somes up her great personality and love of casual clothing that inspires the Misticon range.
Other celebs featured in this exhibition include Lindsay Lohan, Ricky Gervais and Sienna Miller.

Why not see Charlotte (pictured above) Dutton's new clothing line

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera engaged

The show wrapped this year and although her character always had a turbulent love life Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has been dating the boy she met in college for four years.
People magazine broke the news yesterday that America (who has always been careful to keep her private life under wraps) is engaged to boyfriend Ryan Piers Williamson. This was confirmed after she was caught flashing her engagement ring at the Edinburgh film festival.
America is also staring in a movie Our Family Wedding out soon.

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Charlotte Lewis- Derick Bird should of killed Immigrants

This is the face of the BNP Candidate who posted pictures on her facebook page wearing a Burka flashing her underwear and drinking alchopops. The ginger Charlotte Lewis doesn't seem to know where to draw the line as this week she posted this update:
"Ok, so I may well get in to trouble for saying this - but I've got to get it off my chest. I wish that Derrick Bird could have come down to London & shot dead some illegal immigrants, rather than killing his fellow British people. If that offends you then tough; it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it."
Lewis who is 37 and is not married also comented "It would be preferable to kill illegal immigrants than fellow British people, because they shouldn’t be in this country."

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing genocide however is not.
Perhaps she'd quite like MIA's new video for BORN FREE. Maybe not though as they child being shot is red haired

Harry Potter stars tour the new Universal Attraction

From tomorrow fans of the Harry Potter Books and Films will be able to investigate the Hogwarts castle the town of Hogmeade and more key elements of the storylines at Universal Studios Florida's latest attraction"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter".
We have footage of the stars getting a sneak peak in the Florida park, why not watch this clip and see the wonder they've created.

MIA Ft Jay Z XXXO - track leaked here it online here

Ohhh two of our favourite artists have teamed together and heres the results!

Misticon sponsors Girlzilla Nass Relentless

We are sponsoring the NASS Girlzilla comp this year.

Charity Tee: Misticon Does It For The Dogs

Charity Tee: Misticon Does It For The Dogs
Misticon loves a bit of attention! Thats why we were super chuffed with this blog from Barbie Fashionista. Want to find out more about the project? Go Directly to the website
Misticon help Battersea Dog’s home to celebrate their 150th birthday with a limited edition set of Charity T-shirts.
A Design inspired by Meatball (the office Stafforshire Bull Terrier- and rescure dod) and bought to life by illustrator Victoria Jones will be on sale from June to raise money for the London based dogs home. The design is available in a womens crew, mens tee and womens organic t shirt. £6 from each sale of each design will go straight to Battersea.
The Staffie range will be available at most Misticon stockists including the brands own online store, Urban Excess and Switch Clothing.
Sarah-Jane Crawford from BCC 1extra: “I am loving the t-shirt, so cool and I could throw it on with anything. A wonderful cause too that allows the brilliant charity to continue looking after so many animals who need love care and shelter.”
Charlotte Dutton designer and owner of Misticon: “Staff’s were getting a hard time in the press, Meatball is a staff and he’s a great dog. I wanted to do something to raise money for those staffs who’s owners have given them up due to pressure from the media”

Dog eats five ornaments xray pictures

The 8lb West Highland terrier Snowy was rushed to vets after she lost her appetite and started to vomit.
Vets were very shocked when they took an xray of his stomach and found this whole cat sat inside her stomach.
It was hardly chewed up at all and so the terrier hadn't chewed it up at all just swallowed the large toy whole.
Another four ornaments were found in her stomach.

Misticon is currently supporting Battersea Cat and Dog Home with their range of Tshirts

Perez Hilton loses money over Miley up the skirt shot

Self claimed queen of media Perez Hilton has got himself into a bit of hot water over Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.
He posted a picture up of the seventeen year old getting out of a car which showed she wasn't wearing any underwear.
What would be normal fodder for any tabloid or gossip mag if it were another celeb is made very different by the fact the Cyrus is a minor in the states and so in the eyes of the law this image is technically classed as pornography.
ABC the Disney owned entertainment group have already dropped their advertising on his blog and despite saying that their arrangement remains "unchanged" MTV's ad campaigns seem to have been removed too.
What's worse for the internet icon is that he could be charged for child pornography, face a fifteen year sentence and have his name placed on the sex offenders register for life.
All pretty heavy duty. Perez claims now that he would have never posted an illegal photograph and made an apology to anyone offended by his actions.
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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Daphne Guiness snaps up Blow's wardrobe

The wardrobe of hat obsessive and fashion icon Isabella Blow will no longer go to auction at Christies this September.
It has been widely speculated that the offering including items from Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and of course Phillip Treacy.
Blow took her own life in 2007 when she took a large dose of weed killer and was her fourth suicide attempt.
She had spent years dealing with infertility, cancer, and depression. Daphne Guiness has previously spoken to the press about how Isabella felt a strong sense of rejection from the fashion community especially after she brokered the McQueen Gucci buy out and didn't receive a role within the fashion house.
For years Isabella was the muse of milliner Philip Treacy their relationship through headwear was even documented through an exhibition.

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Trend alert! White dresses.

Everywhere from Givenchy to Channel had white dresses on the catwalk for spring summer.
Its a bit of a dangerous trend to spend big money on if you tend to be a tad clumsy with your morning latte.
So what's the solution? Get this trend in an easy to clean material like cotton. Top tip for coffee stains carry a baby wipe the heavy duty cotton should scrub clean in no time.
We recommend our iTunic Dress (do you see the subtly play on words there?) A great design that you will comfortably be able to carry through from autumn and beyond with careful layering.
For a bargain price of £45 you can have one of the hottest looks of the summer.
Available at all good Misticon Stockists and available online now
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Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?

Apparently reality tv star Khloe Kardashian was so confused over the rumours of her being pregnant in the press that she took a pregnancy test to make sure.
She said to a US radio show "what if they new something I didn't?".
She went on to say and "who confirmed I was two months pregnant". Safe to say she's not expecting a child with boyfriend Lemar.
There were rumours that even suggested the star had picked out names already.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Victoria Beckham to star in Spongebob Square Pants

Posh spice who has successfully cracked pop music and high fashion has now turned her hand to cartoons.
Victoria will voice the character of Queen Amphitrite in an episode aired in the states in July called clash of Triton.
She said her sons (all big fans of the show) were very excited when they heard the news.

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Are you prepared for a new look Katie Price

Dave Berry will reveal Katie Price's new look at the upcoming London Clothes Show at Earls Court.
The ex glamour model and mother of four supported by cage fighting husband Alex Reid will show off her top to toe makeover in front of 2'500 visitors to the show on Friday.
What would you like to see out of this transformation?
Currently Katie is also getting prepared for her second wedding to Alex. This will be her fourth big day as she also remarried Peter Andre father of two of her children.

Katie Price has been seen wearing our keep calm carry on range- why not check out the range online:

Katy Perry does not deny Gaga attack

Well despite not using Lady Gaga's name or any direct wording that could pinpoint her tweet last week at pops craziest lady. Katy Perry didn't really go out of her way to deny that this comment "using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian doing a fart joke" made on her twitter account the same day as Gaga's video for Alejandro was released which uses a lot of religious imagery.
Katy spoke to a french radio show where she said "spirituality and sexuality are two very different things" she compared the video to Maddonna and her boyfriend Russel Brand.
Both Katy's parents are pastors and she implied on the interview ( clip can be found at ) that she just wasn't comfortable with religious imagery being used so loosely by pop culture.
The singer however did go to great lengths to state that despite her stance on certain moral issues she was a big Gaga fan.
Picture courtesy of

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Miley Cyrus can't stand Glee

So Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has turned around and says she hates Glee because she "just can't stand" musicals.
On an American radio show this week she confessed she hadn't even seen an episode "somebody asked me if I was a Gleek- and I was like whatever that is it's not something I want to be".
We had to condense that quote because man she goes on forever the full transcript can be found at
So Miley is mocking musical telly now - what's that saying about the pot and the kettle?Get a rainbow printed tee like Miley Cyrus half price at our online boutique:

Monday, 14 June 2010

Spiedi spy on each other post break up

So just when you thought the most dysfunctional celeb relationship was over it gets flipped on its head by rumours that both Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are convinced of each other's infidelity.
Spencer is "certain" that his wife has been sleeping with her roomate and his buddy Zack Cougar after she ran to his place post separation.
He's not the only paranoid one though Heidi is so convinced he was cheating she hired a private detective to prove it (we could have saved you a fortune there love) so she can prevent him accessing any of her cash.
And they say there is no such thing as romance

Celebrity fashion in abundance

Police catch crook thanks to the wire

Police in London used tactics straight out of Baltimore based us cop and drug dealer drama the wire to catch a gang of bike thieves.
They left poorly locked expensive bike models in crime hotspots and waited for the gang to post them on classified site Gumtree.
Once posted for sale they got warrants for wire taps on the mobile phone numbers listed which successfully led to the arrest of the two leaders of the gang.
Since the arrest there haven't been any reports of stolen bikes in the city of London for two weeks on average thirty bikes a week are reported stolen

London based fashion brand is now online-

Misticon will be exhibiting at Margin

We are very proud to announce that this year Misticon will be exhibiting at the London based trade show Margin.
The SS11 Misticon range is inspired by the Mountains and Beaches of London- netural colours are combined with vibrant colour trims and print designs to produce timeless designs that represent the most modern trends.

World Cup Fashion

All the High Street stores are filled with dodgy England T-shirts but who says you have to be as subtle as brick to support your nation. Why not check this carefully selected range of patriotic goodies out and buy yourself something a bit more tasteful to wear for the matches (plus you can wear it after the World Cup and not feel like and idiot!)

Dizzee Rascal is number one

Dizzee and James Cordon have reached number one with the world cup track for charity, tears for fears cover Shout.
The record had come across some criticism when the football associations forum was overloaded by nags upset with the lyric "come and have a go if you're hard enough".
Dizzee responded "I don't care" after spending the day at Great Ormond Street Hospital and why should he he's doing a fab thing for charity.

Music inspired fashion from great independent streetwear brands

Katie celebrates with botox

Ex glamour model Jordan- sorry we mean Katie Price- treated her nearest and dearest friends and family to a trip in a hummer to a botox clinic in Milton Keynes as part of her hen do prior to her second wedding to Alex Reid.
Party guests included Michelle Heaton, her mum and daughter Princess.

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Black eyed peas to make music history

The Black Eyed Peas look set to make music history this week as the will become the first act to sell a million copies via download. Will.I.Am is said to be stoked he's planning on moving to the uk.
They're track I've got a feeling will accompany their eleven top singles and three top five albums in the pop acts hall of fame

Misticon Clothing

Uhm fashion police calling Hilary Duff

Having previously mused about the former Disney Lizzie McGuire star winning casual style we are a bit taken aback about this outfit in which she appears to being attacked by a varity of mohair road kill.
Someone needs to get Hilary some Misticon quick!

Jersey Shore stars deny claims of STI'S
This story blew up this weekend after The Situation and Snooki stars of MTV's Jersey Shore fought back the claims that the shows producers made last week.
In an interview the producer complained that she was having to dish out herpes drugs like sweets and that the house was a hotbed of other STD's.
The Situation came forward to say the house was clean and that the crew had never been offered treatment. Snooki was more direct and just came out saying "I'm clean!"

Winner of Misticon Competition

We just wanted to say congratulations to Elizabeth Foley who won 260 worth of Misticon goodies last week- we hope you like them!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ladies Bake and Skate

To get everyone excited about the ladies skate jam this month we thought we'd share this video from the latest Girls Skate and Bake and Pioneer Park St.Albans

Misticon Lady Tahli Front cover of Sunday Express Magazine

Misticon got a big mention in the Sunday Express Magazine this week with Tahli Grobbelaar (Liverpool FC's Player Bruce's daughter)

Robin Hood we mean Kevin Costner Campaigns against Oil polutuion

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves star Kevin Costner is campaigning against the Oil Spill on the golf coast cause by BP. He has Joined James Cameron and Robert Redford.
The actor stood before the congressional comittee this week, and has invested $20 million on technology that seperates oil from water.
"I envisioned the machine as a safety device, compact and portable enough that it could be deployed on a small craft and rugged enough to operate reliably in rough seas. Our machine is the right machine for the moment."
This comes farelly closely after the news breaks that Barack Obama want's to see the Gulf Coast reinvogorated following the clean up and aftermath.

Lara Bingle I'm NOT a Gold Digger

22 year old Australian Model Lara Bingle seems very offended by claims she is a gold digger and that her mother is encouraging to seek large chunk of Cricketer's Michael
Clarke's following their post nude photo divorce. An official spokes person for Lara said: "Lara's lawyers do not, as reported, have and have not had any instructions to battle for Michael's millions.

"Michael and Lara resolved their property arrangements amicably some time ago and remain good friends.

"The suggestion that Lara is being encouraged by her mother to pursue Michael's money is offensive and defamatory. These baseless stories are hurtful and damaging and it is time Lara and her family were left alone and allowed to move on."

That "daring" Princess Diana Dress Sold for 190k

A gorgeous black taffeta design as worn by the late Princess Diana on her first public appearance as Prince Charles' fiancee went under the hammer.
The dress was a favourite of Diana's and as the run up to the royal wedding came closer she lost weight and handed the dress over for alterations.
The Auctioneer said of Emanuals where the dress was made "The alterations required were so drastic that they decided it would be easier to re-make a smaller version for her. They kept the original and forgot about it only re-discovering it quite recently."
Chilean fashion museum FundaciĆ³n Museo De La Moda was the winning bidder at a hefty £192'000 price tag but the founder Jorge Yarur has promised to return the item to Kensington Palace upon his death.

Big Brother 11 extensive review of first episode

The Final series of Big Brother kicked off last night and for those of you who want to keep in the loop with the eleventh series
of the reality tv show but missed out on last nights circus themed affair we thought we'd fill you in. Big Brother invited 81 hopefuls
to meet each other on monday- they've spent the last few days getting to know each other and forming opinions of each other.
The show started with the freakiest bunch of contestants we have seen since well ever cheering outside as they waited to see
if they would make it into the house. 13 housemates were chosen at "random" from the crowd and even Davina claimed not to know a
thing about the housemates as they entered the building.
So who went in then?
Your typical typecast contestants include:
John- Aussie becks look a like- quite vain and into his appearance. He came all the way from down under to apply for the show.
Think of him as a cross between Mario and Ziggy.
David- 39 year old minister of alternative Christian sect. Apparantly his church regularly meet and get intoxicated on the spirit.
Rather notabley David entered dresse in full Monk atire with emo hair and a red streak. But we really like the fact David has a dog.
Rachael- Professional Beyonce look a like - quite convincing when she smiles (which doesnt seem to be very often)- and hair stylist
she claims she is "the hottest girl in the big brother house".
Shabby- Cross dressing film maker. We were totally convinced that shabby was a man until we heard her speak. She definitely is
over excitible and used the word pootang in her audition video. Apparantly she gets alot of it. We doubt it.
Ben- Writer and broadcaster. Seems a bit posh. Nothing else really stood out about him- apart from his jacket- he wore a nice jacket.
Josie- Crass a bit red, bit stuck in the early naughties. Josie is financial sales rep. Which basically means she works in a call
centre. She was the first housemate to enter the house. Our initial response- bit dull- kind of figure that sticks about forever because
no-one hates her no-one likes her.
Sunshine- daddies little girl introduces herself with a hilarious annecdote about lying that her car was broken so her dad would by her
a new one. Her real name is Yvette but she gets everyone to call her sunshine just because. She likes glittery things and glues them on
aparantly all of her personal items. Studying to be a medical student.
Steve- ex serviceman that got hit by a barrel bomb. Has to artificial legs and a black glass eye that he has for sports to freak out the
enemy. Steve has eight kids and rates his attractiveness as 8/10 he's also heavily tattoed.
Caoinhe- 22 year old student with Rihanna (circa Run this Town hair cut). Likes to flirt alot with women and men although isnt really
interested in the ladies (she might get Shabby round her little finger). Most boo-ed entrant to the house. Entered in body con suit- skinnies
and Grace Jones shades.
Nathan- Trainer Joiner proper lad. Quite tall and blonde. Can't really work out much more than that- read we got very bored whilst his video played.
Corin- Fancies herself as Jordan, kept falling out of her dress on her way into the house. The 29 year old retail worker with fake tan
and tightly pulled up hair do reckons she looks about 24. We think she looks about three years older than the real Katie Price.
Govan- Looks good with a hat on looks really really young without it. Govan is a volunteer worker and thinks hes rather intelligent because
he likes reading. Apparantly he likes a good laugh though. Thank God for that.
Ife- Starts her interview tape with a sob story. She was handed over by her mother to a white family as a baby- Ife is a proffessional dancer
who has backed Cheryl Cole and Tinchy Stryder. She's looking to launch her own musical career now. We expect lots of singing in the house.
Possibley the best dressed housemate.

What's the twist?
A Mole ( yep we are sure they do this unmissable turn every season) anyway his name is Mario. He will engage in a series of secret tasks that disrupt the
other housemates lives in order to gain his place as the 14th housemate. He will be hindered a little by having to actually dress like a mole and live in a hole.

Anything Else?
The tree has been cut down (the tree that got Dane to cook bad food and Alex to smash a snowman) and turned into a chest of drawers randomly placed in the bathroom.

Can't find your take away menu? Here's the solution.

Nothing beats a takeaway on a quiet night in. But we can't work out where the vortex in our flat is that eats all the takeaway menu's from under our noses. Everytime it's the same story they vaporise into thin air and we're left desperately googling for the local chinese/indian/thai/japanese/italian/kebab restaurants take out menu.
Finally someone has come to the rescue and created a very clever website called The Master Menu- it's name pretty much sums the point of the site up. All takeaway menus in one handy place. You can order directly with the Master Menu online.
They filterresults by postcode or by town (hurray for all you stay-cationers you can order from your caravan) and filter results by which type of take out tickles your tastebuds.
Like what you hear? Visit it and bookmark it now. Oh and keep an eye out for sneaky Misticon lifestyle imagery across the site.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Miley Cyrus is not amused after Bieber prank

After denying rumours in the press that she was dating internet teen pop sensation Justin Bieber- Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus revealed that she had recieved a series of late night calls from him- and she wasn't amused.
"I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me," she said.

"I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, 'I can't really yell 'cause I think it's a kid but I'm not really sure.'"

She added: "Finally, I was like (shouting), 'It's three o'clock in the morning!' He was like, 'Ha ha ha ha, it's Bieber. Call me back.' I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to hurt this kid.' My little sister loves him, but I'm going to kill him."
Bieber is obviously stepping up that old routine of if you like a girl throw rocks at her for the digital age.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Listen to Dizzee Rascals return to Grime Chase and Status Heavy

This track is like a very welcome slap in the face after Dizzee's recent number one track "Dirtee Disco". The Uk Hip Hop artist has teamed up with Chase & Status for this retrun to roots track "Heavy". Expect Ditree Stank to remove the audio from this track soon so fill your boots now!

Dizzie Rascal's Secret Girlfirend

Dizzee with Mistery Woman

Okay, I'll admit it I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Mr Rascal since his first track "I Luv U" so I was teensie bit jealous (que sulky face) when I found out that Dizzee has been keeping this young lady in the dark for TWO years.
The Sun broke the story this weekend after a source tipped them off. Still no details to emerge on this one yet.
Dizzee has definitely had a busy week with his new Chase & Status track being leaked this week

Stuart Cable Stereophonics drummer passes away

In 2003 Stuart Cable (then drummer) left the Stereophonics and pursued a quieter life. Police found him dead at 5.30 am this morning. Details surrounding the circumstances are still to be confirmed.
His mother said to"Stuart has travelled all over the world with the band and I have worried myself silly. He is now settled down and then this has happens. It has not sunk in yet."
Cable has presented the Kerrnag awards and had been presenting his own saturday evening show on BBC Wales Radio.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Angelina Jolies life revealed

Celebrity Author Andrew Morton (who revealed all about Princess Diana of Wales relationship with Prince Charles) has selected a new victim.
He has claimed that he has interviewed large numbers of friends and staff of Angelina Jolie and has compiled enough information to fill a book of stories of Cheating, LSD self harm and Voodoo.
He has given access to the upcoming biography to a Us Magazine. Details of the Brangelina relationship are also expected to be revealed.