Thursday, 10 June 2010

Can't find your take away menu? Here's the solution.

Nothing beats a takeaway on a quiet night in. But we can't work out where the vortex in our flat is that eats all the takeaway menu's from under our noses. Everytime it's the same story they vaporise into thin air and we're left desperately googling for the local chinese/indian/thai/japanese/italian/kebab restaurants take out menu.
Finally someone has come to the rescue and created a very clever website called The Master Menu- it's name pretty much sums the point of the site up. All takeaway menus in one handy place. You can order directly with the Master Menu online.
They filterresults by postcode or by town (hurray for all you stay-cationers you can order from your caravan) and filter results by which type of take out tickles your tastebuds.
Like what you hear? Visit it and bookmark it now. Oh and keep an eye out for sneaky Misticon lifestyle imagery across the site.

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