Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A year on from Michael Jackson's death

Everywhere you go Michael is looking at you. Every tshirt company in business has created a homage to the prince of pop. Record stores still place strong merchandising focus on his cds, films and biography's and Michael posters and other items are still for sale.
So can it really be a year since the singer passed away? Yep this friday marks the anniversary of his death and thousands of fans are expected to mourn the loss of Jackson who would have turned 51 this year.
Many fans are expected to turn up at the Forest Lawn Cemetry where he is buried and the law has already been laid down.
Nobody will be allowed to go near Michael's grave and a massive crackdown is expected on vendors, moonwalkers, impersonators and music.
Le Toya Jackson visited one of Michael's closest allies Bubbles with Animal Planet for a new documentary revealing the life the chimp had whilst living with Jackson. She visited him in his new home and got a bit teary saying to the primate "I miss you".
Since his death the Michael Jackson estate has amassed wealth of $1 million dollars.
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