Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rock Out With Your Glock Out!

Hello fashion victims!

Welcome to my second ramble! I write to you with red hair dye dripping onto my lap top and Tiga blasting from the speakers. I'm meant to be packing for Barcelona this weekend but I have seriously got the writing bug since posting Ska's not Dead via the lovely Hannah the other day!

This is why I'm back and wondering if you've got your Bank Holiday plans sorted yet?! Yes, you say? Ah good. Well I have an idea for your next Bank Holiday activity already... I'm full of ideas at the moment you see! So, how do beaches, bars and balloons sound to you? Awesome? Yep, that's what I thought too! So you should head down to Bournemouth for the first May Bank Holiday and head to the awesome 60 Million Postcards bar. It's near the beach, it's a bar and you have a view of the Bournemouth Eye (a gigantic hot air balloon in the centre of town) from the front entrance, probably! Do you like The Lock Tavern in Camden or the Amersham Arms in New Cross? Well Postcards is run by the same people and has the same sorts of ultra cool DJ line ups and quirky events. Namely Rock Out With Your Glock Out! Which will be happening on Friday 30th April at Postcards. Entry is free too! Sweet!

Like hip hop? Like cock rock? Well ROWYGO is combining the two with it's hip hop vs glam rock night! Just think AC/DC vs Wu Tang Clan, Def Leppard vs The Pharcyde, Motley Crue vs Snoop Dogg, NWA vs Whitesnake, Aerosmith vs Public Enemy, KISS vs Public Enemy.... Get the idea?! Cool.

I am DJing at the night and will be flying the flag for all things cock rock, hair metal, glam and guilty (pleasures, that is). I have partnered up with Lee:Geek, one half of the Geek Chic Soundsystem; who will be on hip hop duties for our set! Lee is also one of my closest friends so I can't wait to be behind the decks with him! I am also gutted though as I am missing the Geek Chic boys DJing at Fabric for Adventures in a Beetroot Field on the 1st of this month! It's the same night as the Airbourne show. Lame. But the line up is wicked for AITBF, and if you are stuck for something to do, I'd definitely head down to the electro/indie disco/alt/rave party.

May Bank Holiday. Get involved!

Much love,

One Piece xxx

Rock Out With Your Glock Out!
60 Million Postcards
Friday 30th April
9am - 2am

Hip Hop vs Glam Rock. Enough Said!
Air guitars welcome!

Also, make sure you check out my music column Disco Infiltrator at and also add my fan page at

Japan Fashion Week fails to deliver.

This wasn't what we were expecting from the home harijuki girls. Aparantly the word is with our fashion contacts is that they were less than impressed with the designs too!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

We Like this

This Gorgeous Antik Batik Slouch Hobo Bag would look super cute with our itunics and its an absolute snip too at 70% off the RRP Now £81 Was £270. Available at the

Designer Goodies for a £1 RSVP now for a crazy sample sale

We let you know whats happening first thats why when we heard that the outnet was having a £1 sale to celebrate its first birthday we had to let you know where to register

Trend Alert! The Little Blue Shift!

Aha! We at Misticon were super stoked whilst flicking through our office copy of Grazia this morning to see that blue is the new black when it comes to dresses and the shape is the shift. If you want to channel this trend into a versatile wardrobe stretching component then you will definately want to check out our Itunic.

Aparantly chances of finding love are less the 0.05%

Aparantly chances of finding love are less the 0.05% thats if we are to believe the story in this morning's Grazia of Chinese student Zhang Mengqian who posted a lonely hearts ad on the wish wall of her university "I think I am attractive but strangely can't find a boyfriend- I believe in destiny. If you have the same wish please stand under my dormitory and shout my name". Poor thing only had 2'000 blokes from her uni and surrounding instituions show up. In China due to one child laws there are 120 men to 100 (or an excess of 40million males) . But poor Zhang Mengqian saw nobody that took her fancy from the crowd.

If only Bridget Jones had been so lucky.

M&S Here Come the (Curvy) Girls

We (for obvious reasons) like to keep up to date with the old movers and shakers for celebrity lead high street campaigns. You like us have probably noticed the new M&S line up which includes yummy mummy to be Danni Minogue, VV Brown (how awesome is that?), and a relative unknown to me Ana Beatriz Barros Brazillian underwear model will be replacing Erin O'Conner and Laura Bailey.
Anna has been featured in sports illustrated and is and ex-Victorias Secret Model. Seems as though someone was paying attention to Prada's Milan Fashion Week Line Up.
Rate the new M&S Campaign here:

Why our politicians are a step behind the states

If you were to ask why Barrack Obama succeded where his fellow democrat John Kerry had failed , and won the 2008 US Predsidential Elections you would have a simple answer. Because he used (alongside the support of his staff) social media to connect with the younger demographic.
Watching "Ask the Chancellors" on Channel 4 last night was interesting and engaging- at last count by politcal social media tracking tool Tweet Minister had tweets for the hour the programme was broadcast at 12'500 or 4 tweets a second/240 tweets a minute. I decided to see how easy it was to "connect" with political parties on social media. Labour came in the bottom of the polls on Facebook with Just over 9'000 facebook fans, Liberal Democrats a little better with 9'585 fans and Conservatives led the major three parties by having 28'000 facebook fans.
If I was David Cameron though I wouldn't be pulling out the bunting yet as in social media terms thats very poor- The Facebook group "Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister" has in excess of half a million members.
It seems after further investigation that especially on a local level the big parties aren't very interested in connecting with you on social media. I'm just curious to know why they feel they are safe to not communicate with people through this medium.
If I had been responsible for the PR on any of the three chancellors last night I would have made damn sure I was tweeting and posting and spreading awareness of party policies and ways to get involved.
Lets see if they up their game over the next six weeks

Monday, 29 March 2010

Get Star Style with the Itunic from Misticon

The Itunic is a stunning design for all you music devotee’s out there. With circuit board inspired print, gorgeous premium cotton fabric, large button neckline fasten. Available in three colours this gorgeous design works on many levels. The definition of recesionista this styles taps into the trend for pop colours and layering. Wear it with jeans all spring, then spruce up with glads and aviators for summer and kick on with leggings and pumps for winter. Our resident DJ Onepiece and Olympian Anna Turney have already been seen sporting this must have style.
Available online at the following retailers
or on our own easter pop up shop in partnership with Big Cartel

Our Survey Says.

That you couldn't live without your signature printed tee's that's why we know you'll be stoked that our new tee is available online here

Get Free Postage on everything for sale on our easter shop and a free creme egg too. (yum yum)

Leona Lewis Chanels Gaga very very badly

We'll what do we have here then? It would seam to be an xfactor winner copycatting the worlds most succesful female of the moment (let us place emphasis on the word 'moment' there before we carry on').

Leona Lewis was out on the town last week at celebrity blogger Perez Hiltons Carn-evil themed birthday parting wearing this unusual ensemble.

We just wonder what was going through her head when she picked the outfit, and then purchased it and then put it on and went out in it.

She looks like Darth Vadar and Princes love child. And that is not a good look

Ska's Not Dead by Sandy Dhaliwal

Hello Misticon misters and mistresses!

You must include the lateness of this update from me, your old pal One Piece! I should have checked in with you before but I have been in mini hibernation. Yes, I have actually been turning down party invites, opting to stay in and watch my V The Complete Series Box Set instead! Forget the remake, it's all about the original eighties show! Donovon with no top on and Tyler's one liners against the aliens invading Earth, YES! No idea what I am talking about? If you're partial to a bit of sci fi like me then check this out:

I also figured I'd rather not be spotted looking tired and emotional and get diagnosed with 'exhaustion' or something silly like that just because my partying ways have started to catch up with me! I turned 26 last month with a session at Fitzrovia's finest cider pub The Green Man, followed by some Feeling Gloomy / Club De Fromage action in Angel; and boy did I pay for it the next day! Probably this whole month has been my recovery in fact. Lame. I'm not in my early twenties anymore! Damn!

I must also tell you about my tattoo as well! I was maybe having a mid twenties crisis and decide to get inked for the first time on my birthday. Matt H at Tattoo UK did the honours and it surprised me how painless the whole process was. I got a bit of a bad ass tat on the inside of my calf. It's a skull with a bow on it's head and the words Life Won't Wait around it - words I live by and also the title of my favourite Rancid album.

I also got the horror that is Gastric Flu for a couple of weeks this month while lying low. Ever wondered what it was like being allergic to all food and drinks? Well don't! I wouldn't wish that evil on anyone! It even made me miss a show I had been really looking forward to for like the last six months. MC Lars and Zebrahead are currently touring Europe and I had passes to their London show the other day, where I was meant to be interviewing and reviewing the acts. Instead I had to make do with Lars' awesome album This Gigantic Robot Kills and Zebrahead's cheeky Playmate of the Year record for comfort while I sat on the sofa dreaming about eating literally anything! Jezza Kyle was on hand for the televisual comfort! Standard! I'm actually listening to This Gigantic Robot Kills right now. Hipster Girl has got me shaking my booty all around the office at the moment. It's lucky the MD isn't around. He's probably not cool enough to get MC Lars and his thinking person's post-punk laptop rap. Tee hee. Title track This Gigantic Robot Kills is a favourite of mine. As it wants to 'party like it's 96 and bring the horn section back', proclaiming 'SKA IS NOT DEAD!' Damn straight and worth shouting!

I did manage to fit in a few cheeky gigs before it all went wrong that are worth telling you all about though. Wolfmother played a sold out show at Brixton Academy. And those Aussie hard rockers kicked some serious ass - regardless of the new line up, there's only one original member left as they got sick of his ego! With hints psychedelic rock a la Led Zep, Sabbath and Hendrix, they gave me that urgent blast of rock and roll that I needed and proved the band could still live on with the new members. Their new album Cosmic Egg was awesome to hear live too, especially the anthemic New Moon Rising! Perfection!

Ska punkers Reel Big Fish played all my old favourites at Koko including their riotous cover of A Ha's Take on Me and the horn-tastic likes of Beer and Sell Out! Punk Ska-core kids Big D and the Kids Table - a big favourite of mine - were the support and they sent us all into a frenzy with their defiant anthems LA X and Checkmate. I got my dose of the heavy stuff though with the Fear Factory / Sylosis show at Camden's Electric Ballroom. With bullet to the brain metal from both bands and lots of head banging, this took me back to my days of corsets, Doc Martins, fish nets and blood red lips. Fear Factory's industrial dance number Linchpin was a big highlight for me as I remember dancing to this during their Reading Festival appearance about ten years ago!

I managed to also fit in a stint as a model and stylist for Misticon. My escapades and pics from the day are going into a rather posh magazine called Exclusively Yours. I will post a link when that is published for you to peruse! I also have a few gigs ahead of me that I'm sure I'll fill you in on next time - Dropkick Murphys, Airbourne, Paul McCartney, KISS and Aerosmith.

Off to Barcelona this weekend! Can't wait!

Much luv,

One Piece xxx


Jesse James - its been a bad month

We really have no sympathy for the douche but feel pretty bad for Sandra. Whilst theres the old saying that no publicity is bad publicity you have to think that these women are a bit sh*t for making an effort to schedule it with her first ever oscar win and release of her new film.
"Sexy" Nazi porn actress Michelle McGee's dad has come to her defence (uhm why did she need one?) saying that Jesse deliberately mislead her and that Michellle was sure it was a 'relationship'....

Music Video of the week

Ah its monday but fear not because its only a four day week. So calm down and procrastinate for a few minutes this afternoon with the Misticon Blog

Check ou this video for the new Plan B single (released today) "She Said"

Jennifer Anniston falls out with ANOTHER co-star

Ouch, Last week Grazia printed that she had be duped by Gerrard. This Week it would seem that Rachel and Ross are no more! After a friendly relationship that lasted 16 years David Schwimmer has cut all ties with previous costar of hit tv show friends after Jennifer claimed she had "no idea" who David was marrying later this year.
Neither did we if we were honest with you and the age difference between the two does seem a bit suspicious to us.
We did a bit of research and it turns out David (43) plans to marry 23 year old Photographer Zoe Buckman.
Jen has met her a couple of times but didn't know that they had recently gotten engaged. When quizzed about the up coming ceremony on a US TV show the actress hit a stumbling block and confessed she didn't know.
Apparantly David hasnt taken any of Jens calls since.
Jen has been busy on the campain trail for her new film this week and is getting cosy again with Gerrard.

Free Chocolate Fix

Mmmm, easter is just around the corner and we're goo-ing to celebrate by giving away a super yummy Creme Egg with every order and we've added free postage in to boot! So go on what are you waiting for? Vist our Easter Shop

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Beach Body Beautiful? No Problem

We can't see ourselves rushing out to buy this latest fad item to enhance our figure. But that doesn't mean its not blogworthy. Body concious psychologist DR Karin Hart invented this weird bum strap after losing weight and defination in her rear.
It's a similar concept to underwire in bra's- this strap isn't really intended to be worn to the beach more under your clothing.
Sure everyone would love J-lo's rear but at the price of a shame worse than granny pants ala Bridget Jones (is it just us or does it look like some kind of bondage???) we'll padd on the Bumkini for now ta!

Who's in the office at Misticon?>

Happy Thursday everyone,
for those for you who don't know the misticon team that well we thought we'd fill you on a little bit more about us and what we do.
Charlotte Dutton- The Boss- Charlotte was a professional snowboarder and model for top international brands like diesel, pretty polly and topshop. She decided to build misticon a few years ago after her success designing Charlotte Dutton Moto Snow at Topshop.
Meatball- He's the real Boss- Meatball is a staff who makes a noise like bird if you touch his armpits. He also farts alot.
Hannah- (Thats Me!)- I write the blogs here at Misticon (aswell as a few other things) I have worked for online retailers like extremepie, urban surfer and tatters clothing. Before that I got a diploma in Canine Studies and ran a pub.
Ben- (aka Jerry) also used to snowboard, Ben's canadian, and is mostly in charge of counting things, posting things and making bagels and coffees. Hes good at it too.
Misticon Mum- Well the Misticon Mum is Charlottes Mum, shes around the head office everyday. Normally she's looking very stylish in some Misticon clothes. Sometimes she tidies up after us.
Lolly and Sweep- The other dogs at misticon they used to be really long haired but they've just got their summer coats in. These bearded collies like to put Meatball in his place and really like to have a nap in the Misticon Office.
George- Our lovely but crazy photographer. He takes every single picture you see on the Misticon site and then lovingly perfects them so you get to see our lovely clothes in the best light.
You can see more of his work here
Rich (with a B) Bushill- Richie is currently hard at work designing our own multibrand retail store. Hes a clever web guy and puts up with a lot of nonsense from us. Hes the clever brains behind alot of the silliness on our site. Have you seen the pooing birds?
Rich is freelance and his site is here
Vicki- Shes an amazing lady and our sponsored artist. Sometimes we think Vicki can read our minds shes so good. She is a crazy surf lady with a passion for fashion and alternative action sports we like her alot.
We reccommend her blog Its full of pretty pictures and news on her latest adventures.
If you like the sound of our team, we are always on the look out for musicians, athletes, make up arists and models.
contact us as

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Must Have Hoodie!

Hi Misticon Readers,
It's Becca from fashion-train, you may have read about me in a previous Misticon post! So here I am, writing my first guest blogging post for Misticon, exciting!
I love browsing the Misticon website, looking at all the gorgeous clothes and this is my new favourite for this week:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This Go Faster Hoodie in Grey Marl you can buy it here!
I think this hoodie is perfect for the autumn, winter and spring and you can wear it with leggings and ugg boots for comfy day wear. (yes looking fab when you really don't feel like making the effort!)
Also, Instead of the normal Misticon bird print, the bird print on this hoodie dress is rainbow coloured?! It's something which you can't miss. I love how unique this hoodie dress looks, and let's put it this way, instead of stealing your boyfriends hoody, because it's big and baggy you can have your own girly one!
Till next wednesday,
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Misticon Book Club

The Misticon Book Club is a new concept idea we are playing around with here at Misticon HQ. Our theory is that there are so many smart ladies out there that some of them must want to reccommend us your favourite book? We always struggle to find a good book so if you have any good ideas email me

Monday, 22 March 2010

Introducing 3D Magazines

Grazia (possibley our favourite weekly glossy) has announce that this Tuesdays Issue will be 3D. Cover Star Florence Welch will be singing a private concert to readers in their own 3D space. Whilst the brit mag has yet to announce how exactly all this "technology" will work- we are sure there will be a massive rush at the new stands tomorrow so we'll race you to pick up this soon to be collectors copy.

Video of the week

There seems to be a big trend right now for really OTT music videos featuring brilliantly out there and bright clothes that get mixed up with plenty of hip shaking and the like. Our Second ever pic for video of the week simply has to be Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce - Telephone. Enjoy!

Jourdan Dunn first runway show since boyfriends arrest

We're sure that it's not been the easiest of years for Model Jourdan Dunn. After Giving birth to her first child with boyfriend Jordan in December we bet she was looking forward to a quick return to work after a hectic 12 months.
Unfortunately last month the models boyfriend was sentenced to three an half years for possesion of coccain with intent to supply.
Jourdan looked beautiful at the charity show at westfield and big love goes our to her as she tries to get through this.

What a girl wants

A massive thanks goes out to all of you who responded to our survey requests last week. The Competition winner will be picked tomorrow at 10am GMT so you still have a few hours to get your entry in. To win £150 pounds of Misticon stock all you have to do is visit survey monkey and answer a few multiple choice questions.

Note to Samantha Cameron you are NOT Carla Bruni

David and Samantha Cameron must have rattled their pr hands together with glee when they saw the press coverage given to Carla Bruni and her posh pin up pics that were released last week.
Hot on the heels of the french first lady some "raunchy" photos have been "discovered" by the aspiring pms wife.
At Misticon we know a pr stunt when we see one and these dated images are all a bit to contrived for our liking.
Aparantly these photos were a favour for a designer friend of Sam's taken in 1997 the same year she married (you can call me) Dave Cameron.

The New Face of the Atkins Diet

Since Dr Atkins launched his controversial diet back in the seventies many people have tried the low carb regime, shed the pounds and then piled it on again.
Doctors now say they have reinvented the worlds most famous diet. Three American Critics have pulled together to give the diet it's new overhaul which includes previously banned foods such as coffee, alchohol, berries, nuts and seeds. You can ever introduce good carbs (such as wholegrain) and veg is now a strong factor in the diet. The experts are claiming the New Atkins diet could help you loose a stone within two weeks.
Check the Atkins website for more information:
The Misticon verdict is still out on this one!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Volcom Seed Event - March 18th, Soho

The event was the result of a collaboration between Volcom and second year students of LCF BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development. The students were given either a pair of jeans or a jacket from the Volcom Brand Jeans collection as a tool to create "unique pieces that embody Volcom's vision of their womenswear market (female 15-25yrs), combined with the students creative spirit", with the winner landing themselves a six month placement at Volcom's european headquarters in Hossegor. Very jealous.

Not at all what I expected, the event comprised of an exhibition of the pieces of work, followed by a live fashion shoot of the garments created by the students of LCF, which was then projected onto big screens in the main room accompanied by small screens showing live video footage of the shoot, which you watched while standing, drinking and generally socialising. A good idea on paper but in practicality I'm not sure it was the most effective way of showing the garments off to their maximum potential. There lacked an intimacy through the process and I would much rather had seen the garments on real life models in a show.

Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable evening, wicked venue, met some nice people, and I love my free wallet that we got to choose on arrival (with 3 volcom dollars inside to spend at the bar, very cool!)

The finalists designs will also be on show in Volcom's flagship store in Covent garden until the 19th April, so plenty of time to go have a look yourself!

vicki x

Friday, 19 March 2010

Interview with Fashion Geeek Becca Teen Blogger Supreme

We love to give shout outs to talented Misticon Ladies. This week it's turn of our friend and featured blogger Becca.
  • What made you want to be blogger?
  • My friends aren't interested in fashion the way I am and my uncle had a blog and I got the idea of making a fashion blog from him.
  • How old were you when you started blogging?
  • I was 14 when I started my blog, in may last year.
  • Whats the one item of clothing you wouldn't want to live without?
  • LEGGINGS! I love leggings. I live in leggings. I have over 10 pairs, I love how you can buy leggings in so many types and colours!
  • Who is your favorite blogger?
  • I love reading posts by Lottie @ itsfashiondamnit.
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • I would love to do PR, but my aim is to become a fashion journalist!
  • Whats your favourite sandwich filler?
  • chicken, mayonnaise and lettuce! yum.
  • Whats your favourite Item from the misticon range?
  • I love the cardigans by misticon, especially the snowbird cardigan.
You can see Becca's lovely blog fashion train here

Imagine this...the nail wish list

So we hate to brag but we've just had an absolutely amazing meeting at Misticon HQ (one we just couldn't keep quiet about!). If you have ever dreamed about having crazy nails to match your mood and you're favourite dress you are in luck. From the beginning of the Summer we be selling unique Limited edition false nails exclusively on our store we'd love to here your suggestions for some nails (if you're lucky we might produce you your very own set). So if you're a budding artist, designer or just now your stuff comment on this post with pictures etc. Look forward to hearing from you!

Carla Bruni latest model pictures

The papers are havi ng a feild day this morning because of a set of fairly standard modelling photo's have gone up for auction. As before (when the nude photo of her was auctioned in London in 2008 coinciding with her first state visit to see the Queen) these shots have been released alongside headlines of the first lady of France's marrige crisis are covering the international press.
Last week it was reported that Carla was having afair with toyboy popstar Benjamin Biolay.
She's not the only one in her marriage accused of bed hopping though her husband President Sarkozy has been linked to his ecology minister and part time karate queen Chantal Jouanno.
Personally we're not really that scandalised by the whole (accuse the pun) affair. We just hopy that Sarah Brown doesnt try to dig any similar skeletons out of her closet.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Anna Turney 6th best in the World!!

We've just had an Update from Anna in Vancouver!!
AT:Wow, what an experience!

The race schedule was reshuffled due to bad weather so I ended up racing earlier in the week than planned. Happily my parents managed to change flights and make it over for the giant slalom race. Disappointingly that was the race I messed up. I was lying 7th after a respectable first run, but the fog came in, the desire to win took over, I pushed it too hard in the 2nd run and ended up the wrong side of control (its a fine line)! I hiked but couldn't pull it off.

I plan to learn from the experience, and certainly showed courage and determination, but its hard not to feel bad. I have worked hard to get to such a big event.

Luckily I did a storming second slalom run and finished in 6th position. That is 6th in the world!

See a video of Anna with her Team mates here:

How almost skateboards are made

Almost Skate Boards were formed in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. They go out of their way to differentiate themselves from other skateboard companies by using experimental methods in their board production. Their current team riders include Chris Haslam and Torey Pudwill.
Check out in this 10 minute video what goes into their boards that makes them so special.

Will my diet fail?

The answer to that is yes if your diet features any of the following

* You're allowed to eat bacon
* You're allowed to eat brie
* You'll lose more than 2lbs a week
* You are only allowed to eat the diets own branded products
* It involves taking more than two pills a day
* You can't eat bread, potatoes, pasta, noodles, crackers or any kind of carbs
* You're plan has been endorsed by the likes of Kerry Katona or Natalie Cassidy
* You don't prepare any of your own food

Morning Gossip: Heidi Montag was it worth the surgery??

Well we hate bitch a girl when she's down but the paparazzi that's been surrounding Heidi Montag (Of The Hill's an 10 surgeries 1 day fame) has been providing us with too much meat to push away.
Heidi's aptly named husbaned (also of The Hills Fame) Spencer Pratt has just been told to take a six week counciling hiatus from the show after he flew into a rage on set threatening to kill one of the producers.
Coincidently the Starlet dropped her hot head hubby as her manager last week.
Heid was pictured on Tuesday filming a cameo in her first feature film.
She is set to appear alongside Hollywood luminaries Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston, but despite admitting being nervous about the prospect, she didn't show it.
It is still unclear what role Heidi takes in this movie, but she confidently thrust her chest out in a low-cut polka dot top, with red bikini top on show and pouted and preened her way through the filming.
In the images shown you can clearly see that despite the round of 10 surgeries she had in November (which included lipo to her thighs an butt) shes still supporting a shocking amount of cellulite for a 23 year old.
The film coincidently is about a plastic surgeon (played by Adam Sandler) so perhaps this is just a before shot??

An excited Heidi tweeted: "I just had THE BEST day of my life filming my first comedy movie!!!!! It was beyond what I could have ever dreamed!!!!!"

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ghost Cat

Ghostcat are an exotic explosion of dancefloor electronica, pop love and sabre toothed guitars; good time music giving vent to bad, bad thoughts. Guitarist Dan Gamble spent his early life hop-scotching between Tokyo and London. Born in Toronto, singer Ali Cat was the guitarist in an all-girl teen punk band at sixteen. By 2006 she was living in in an ‘aspiring art collective’ in Kilburn, also home to Dan. They recruited French drummer Etienne Bellot and Aussie bassist Ben Larsen and began playing raucous live shows sounding half The Kills and half Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Gig by gig they got in touch with their inner dirty dancefloor selves so that by the time they were snapped up by France’s Kuskus label they were as into messing with formulas behind the synthetic filth of Crystal Castles as with The Ting Tings’ pop crunch. ‘This Is A Bust’ – their first single – particularly encapsulates their oeuvre, a deviant disco skipping tune about boys.

The sexy eclecticism of their first album was recorded in the underground studio owned by Prince’s ‘Under The Cherry Moon’ engineer Chuck Norman. They’re now out of the basement, blinking in the pop sunlight and ready to take their rocktronic decadence to all corners.

Charlotte Church hots up ITV

Mum of two and on/off alchoholic Charlotte Church looks as though she has turned over a new leaf as she waltzed on to the set of ITV's This Morning three dress sizes smaller. Now a svelt size eight Charlotte is looking fantastic she is obviously keen to reharness her image and been seen for her age. (After all the classical singer/ tv personality is only 24!).
Over the past the starlet has always had a very public battle with the media perception of her from angel face choir girl to chronic loudmouth party animal shes never seamed to be entirely comfortable with her celebrity.
She was speaking to Holly and Phil about the launch of her new bbc show Over The Rainbow where she will be one of the judges helping Andrew Lloyd Webber find his new Dorothy.
Shes certainly looking a lot healthier than she did this time last year.
Good luck Charlotte.

Fish Tank

If you’re a fan of British dramas like Kidulthood then we would highly recommend you rent new film “Fish Tank” this week. It’s an edgy urban flic that kicks skins in the teeth whilst shouting this is reality. A refreshing alternative to the normally glamourised and over exaggerated teen in british council estate poverty story line that’s been overplayed in film and tv over the last few years. Directed by Andrea Arnold it is the story of aspiring dancer and loner Mia (played by new comer Katie Jarvis) who’s mums new boyfriend comes into her life as her first father figure, changes her perception of herself and the world and the abruptly leaves devastating her lifes dynamic. Raw, touching and unsettling. We highly recommend this film.

How Misticon likes to lend a hand

This might be a suprising little factoid for those of you out there but Misticon like to support up and coming photograpahers, artists , musicians etc. So when we got a call from aspiring student photographer Potop Vlad asking if he could borrow some samples from us for his next shoot we said "sure- why not!". He sent us the pictures this week so we thought we'd blog them up for you.
If you're a photography student or model needing samples then please don't be afraid to give us a shout at

The Queen hosts Clothing Industry reception at Buckingham palace

We turned down the invite (okay thats a lie-but Liz dont forget to invite us next year) but that does not mean that we'd miss up passing on some of the juicy gossip and pictures of the British Clothing Industry coming together at Buckingham palace at an event hosted by HRH and the Duke of Edinburgh to toast to well themselves.
The Famous and fabulous pottered around a V & A curated show formed by students of the Royal College of Art apres their drinks reception on arrival. Goss includes Zandra Rhodes causing a stir with the security for bringing in her pet Dog (perhaps the Corgi's dont socialise well?) and Prince Phillip dishing out another helping of political incorrectness, whilst viewing the exhibition noting the fact that not all students had been been born in the UK 'You are supposed to be supporting the British fashion industry, and not one of them...' he began before being cut off politely by the Curator.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Twitter Competition Winner Roselyn

A while back some of you may remember we ran a competition on twitter.
We love making new friends so we very gently proded cookingmummy ako Roselyn Marshall to answer a few questions so we could get to know all about her!!
  1. How do you feel about winning the twitter competition? I was so pleased to win - what girls doesnt want a funky piece of Misticon? Thanks so much Misticon!
  2. From our website what's your favourite style? What would you wear it with and why? I love this Grommet Jersey dress. you can dress it up with some sexy heels or dress it down with flip flops, and on a cold day you can pop a tee and some leggings on underneath!
  3. What songs on your mp3/iPod at the moment? hmm a bizarre collection including the cast of Glee, Florence and the Machine and Kasabian
  4. What's your favourite sandwich filling? brie and grape nommilicious!
  5. If you could be any kind of animal what would you be and why? a butterfly - you get to fly, be graceful and beautiful.
  6. What makes a Misticon Lady different from the rest? I think a Misticon Lady is sassy, sexy, and quirky xx
Thanks Ros your definately deserve a gorgeous Misticon phat top.
Lots of Love
Misticon x

If this has got you peckish to win your own goodies you can enter our lates comp here

Have you met Vicki??

Shes our absolutely fabulous new Misticon Artist. We love her and her work lots so we thought we'd share her with you by getting her to write a small blurb on herself!!
Victoria Jones:Having lived in Falmouth, Cornwall for 4 years where I graduated from Illustration in '09, I'm now working as an illustrator and designer with an interest in Graphic Design, Fashion and Textiles and Photography. I take inspiration from anything from travelling and different cultures and people (especially Latin America!) to nature, textures, patterns, collected objects, anything old with a sense of history and I especially like to take photographs of crumbling walls and doorways in little foreign towns.
I have surfed for about 5 years and during my final year in Falmouth I thought it would be fun to become an instructor and I was awarded my BSA Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification in July ’09. Surfing keeps me sane and healthy and has and continues to take me to many amazing places all over the world.

See more of Vicki's work @

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

As if and Whats UK's first all girl skate film

What do you get if you combine some of the best skate brands in the industry with the countries best riders and the number one Girls Skateboard company. As if and what?
That wasn't a question its the title of the first ever Uk all girl Skate Film. We knew you'd want to see the trailer. Riders include: Lucy Adams, Suzy Hazel, Maria Falbo, Sam Bruce, Lois Pendlebury, Rebecca Aimee Davis, Emma Richardson, Georgina Winter, Danielle Mellor, Laura Goh, Sadie Hollins and Emily Russel.
We're trying to get hold of the dvd for you guys as we type- leave us a comment to let us know what you think of the trailer!

As If, And What? - Film Trailer from Rogue Skateboards on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

Well this is the real reason we scour the pics of Oscar Dresses not for style inspiration but for a quick smirk "What were you (or you stylist) thinking?" Its good to know that the following are only human too!
In 3rd to 1st place:

3rd Place:

A beautiful lady draped in vintage inspired lilac couture Dior. It should be an easy hit, and it is for critisim. We're sorry Charlize but those boob embellishments are just ghastly. We won't be wearing lilac for quite a while!

2nd Place:

While we're not quite sure where the rag mags are going with their headlines yesterday of Jordan and Posh dogfight it out to be most stylish at Elton Johns post Oscars do. We are sure that it was a dead cert from the word go. We hate to slag a brit but sequins?? Classy, Katie, classy.

1st place (and a very angry conversation with the stylist) goes to ....

We didnt even know Sigourney Weaver had made any films in the last year. Maybe she was desperate for the press because although we love Lanvin the toga matching your barnett look is a complete no go.

Unfortunately we'd have to agree with the telegraph here "the 2010 Oscar red carpet will go down in history as perhaps the most pallid in fashion history". We had a tough time picking goodies and the badly dressed we're pretty dull too. That will be the age of osterity then?
Bring on the summer.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Meatball gets a make over.

Meatball got treated to a Misticon Makeover in time for the weekend.
Very Nice...

Oscars Best Dressed 2010

We were busying our selves in the Misticon Office today arguing over who we thought were the best and worst dressed Ladies at last nights Oscars ceremony.
We will post the results up sepearately for best and worst.
So in order from 3rd place to first goes like this:
3rd Place Nicole Richie-

She's been ranked in the worst dressed pile by several trash mags but we beg to differ, she could of dressed more formal for the occassion but we love the quirkiness of her choice of dress.
Joint Runner ups! In second place its Miley Cyrus (yes were shocked too!) and Rachel McAdams-
Teen bopper Miley Cyrus

(of Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Fame) did a really good job dressing for the event, everything from the shape to the colour ticks all the right boxes. The only let down was the presence of her cougar-esque mother who was pictured on her arm looking far to botoxed and dressed up like the Christmas Turkey.

Pitching in as joint second was Time Travellers Wife star Rachel McAdams
Who was looking very gorgeous in a long printed Maxi- she might have pipped for top ranking had she accessorised a little more as the dress was so powerful it took attention away from her.
Finally the Best Dressed Person at the Oscars 2010....
(Drum Roll Please.................) Katy Perry! Yehuh no kidding!

Russel Brands Fiance was looking tres stylish in this Koi karp style design. Everything suits her and thats the most important thing she looks glam and laid back in one hit. Kudos.