Thursday, 18 March 2010

Morning Gossip: Heidi Montag was it worth the surgery??

Well we hate bitch a girl when she's down but the paparazzi that's been surrounding Heidi Montag (Of The Hill's an 10 surgeries 1 day fame) has been providing us with too much meat to push away.
Heidi's aptly named husbaned (also of The Hills Fame) Spencer Pratt has just been told to take a six week counciling hiatus from the show after he flew into a rage on set threatening to kill one of the producers.
Coincidently the Starlet dropped her hot head hubby as her manager last week.
Heid was pictured on Tuesday filming a cameo in her first feature film.
She is set to appear alongside Hollywood luminaries Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston, but despite admitting being nervous about the prospect, she didn't show it.
It is still unclear what role Heidi takes in this movie, but she confidently thrust her chest out in a low-cut polka dot top, with red bikini top on show and pouted and preened her way through the filming.
In the images shown you can clearly see that despite the round of 10 surgeries she had in November (which included lipo to her thighs an butt) shes still supporting a shocking amount of cellulite for a 23 year old.
The film coincidently is about a plastic surgeon (played by Adam Sandler) so perhaps this is just a before shot??

An excited Heidi tweeted: "I just had THE BEST day of my life filming my first comedy movie!!!!! It was beyond what I could have ever dreamed!!!!!"

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