Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rock Out With Your Glock Out!

Hello fashion victims!

Welcome to my second ramble! I write to you with red hair dye dripping onto my lap top and Tiga blasting from the speakers. I'm meant to be packing for Barcelona this weekend but I have seriously got the writing bug since posting Ska's not Dead via the lovely Hannah the other day!

This is why I'm back and wondering if you've got your Bank Holiday plans sorted yet?! Yes, you say? Ah good. Well I have an idea for your next Bank Holiday activity already... I'm full of ideas at the moment you see! So, how do beaches, bars and balloons sound to you? Awesome? Yep, that's what I thought too! So you should head down to Bournemouth for the first May Bank Holiday and head to the awesome 60 Million Postcards bar. It's near the beach, it's a bar and you have a view of the Bournemouth Eye (a gigantic hot air balloon in the centre of town) from the front entrance, probably! Do you like The Lock Tavern in Camden or the Amersham Arms in New Cross? Well Postcards is run by the same people and has the same sorts of ultra cool DJ line ups and quirky events. Namely Rock Out With Your Glock Out! Which will be happening on Friday 30th April at Postcards. Entry is free too! Sweet!

Like hip hop? Like cock rock? Well ROWYGO is combining the two with it's hip hop vs glam rock night! Just think AC/DC vs Wu Tang Clan, Def Leppard vs The Pharcyde, Motley Crue vs Snoop Dogg, NWA vs Whitesnake, Aerosmith vs Public Enemy, KISS vs Public Enemy.... Get the idea?! Cool.

I am DJing at the night and will be flying the flag for all things cock rock, hair metal, glam and guilty (pleasures, that is). I have partnered up with Lee:Geek, one half of the Geek Chic Soundsystem; who will be on hip hop duties for our set! Lee is also one of my closest friends so I can't wait to be behind the decks with him! I am also gutted though as I am missing the Geek Chic boys DJing at Fabric for Adventures in a Beetroot Field on the 1st of this month! It's the same night as the Airbourne show. Lame. But the line up is wicked for AITBF, and if you are stuck for something to do, I'd definitely head down to the electro/indie disco/alt/rave party.

May Bank Holiday. Get involved!

Much love,

One Piece xxx

Rock Out With Your Glock Out!
60 Million Postcards
Friday 30th April
9am - 2am

Hip Hop vs Glam Rock. Enough Said!
Air guitars welcome!

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