Saturday, 20 March 2010

Volcom Seed Event - March 18th, Soho

The event was the result of a collaboration between Volcom and second year students of LCF BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development. The students were given either a pair of jeans or a jacket from the Volcom Brand Jeans collection as a tool to create "unique pieces that embody Volcom's vision of their womenswear market (female 15-25yrs), combined with the students creative spirit", with the winner landing themselves a six month placement at Volcom's european headquarters in Hossegor. Very jealous.

Not at all what I expected, the event comprised of an exhibition of the pieces of work, followed by a live fashion shoot of the garments created by the students of LCF, which was then projected onto big screens in the main room accompanied by small screens showing live video footage of the shoot, which you watched while standing, drinking and generally socialising. A good idea on paper but in practicality I'm not sure it was the most effective way of showing the garments off to their maximum potential. There lacked an intimacy through the process and I would much rather had seen the garments on real life models in a show.

Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable evening, wicked venue, met some nice people, and I love my free wallet that we got to choose on arrival (with 3 volcom dollars inside to spend at the bar, very cool!)

The finalists designs will also be on show in Volcom's flagship store in Covent garden until the 19th April, so plenty of time to go have a look yourself!

vicki x

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