Friday, 19 March 2010

Carla Bruni latest model pictures

The papers are havi ng a feild day this morning because of a set of fairly standard modelling photo's have gone up for auction. As before (when the nude photo of her was auctioned in London in 2008 coinciding with her first state visit to see the Queen) these shots have been released alongside headlines of the first lady of France's marrige crisis are covering the international press.
Last week it was reported that Carla was having afair with toyboy popstar Benjamin Biolay.
She's not the only one in her marriage accused of bed hopping though her husband President Sarkozy has been linked to his ecology minister and part time karate queen Chantal Jouanno.
Personally we're not really that scandalised by the whole (accuse the pun) affair. We just hopy that Sarah Brown doesnt try to dig any similar skeletons out of her closet.

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