Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Must Have Hoodie!

Hi Misticon Readers,
It's Becca from fashion-train, you may have read about me in a previous Misticon post! So here I am, writing my first guest blogging post for Misticon, exciting!
I love browsing the Misticon website, looking at all the gorgeous clothes and this is my new favourite for this week:
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This Go Faster Hoodie in Grey Marl you can buy it here!
I think this hoodie is perfect for the autumn, winter and spring and you can wear it with leggings and ugg boots for comfy day wear. (yes looking fab when you really don't feel like making the effort!)
Also, Instead of the normal Misticon bird print, the bird print on this hoodie dress is rainbow coloured?! It's something which you can't miss. I love how unique this hoodie dress looks, and let's put it this way, instead of stealing your boyfriends hoody, because it's big and baggy you can have your own girly one!
Till next wednesday,
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