Thursday, 18 March 2010

Anna Turney 6th best in the World!!

We've just had an Update from Anna in Vancouver!!
AT:Wow, what an experience!

The race schedule was reshuffled due to bad weather so I ended up racing earlier in the week than planned. Happily my parents managed to change flights and make it over for the giant slalom race. Disappointingly that was the race I messed up. I was lying 7th after a respectable first run, but the fog came in, the desire to win took over, I pushed it too hard in the 2nd run and ended up the wrong side of control (its a fine line)! I hiked but couldn't pull it off.

I plan to learn from the experience, and certainly showed courage and determination, but its hard not to feel bad. I have worked hard to get to such a big event.

Luckily I did a storming second slalom run and finished in 6th position. That is 6th in the world!

See a video of Anna with her Team mates here:

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