Thursday, 25 February 2010

Stop Blaming Dogs Blame their Owners

Stop Giving Staffies a hard time-
Okay so for those of you who don’t know quite a few of the Misticon ladies own Staff Rescues (best dogs ever and soo friendly). We are gutted to see that Staffs are getting a rough time in the papers. We just like to say that it’s a pretty well acknowledged fact that aggression in dogs is nuture over nature in all of the most recent cases the dogs have been poorly cared for neglected and toughened up by their owners. So rather than banning or imposing leash/muzzle laws on Staffs how about you just stop idiots mistreating and abusing a gorgeous loving breed of pooch? We feel like the gov is just deflecting the blame on their poor response to animal cruelty.

AW10 Channels "Mad Men Vibe" from Prada to Vintage

Whilst Spring Summer may be the season of Tim Alice in Wonderland (Que you fighting in H&M with 12 year olds of polkadot hair bands- we have some of these in for SS10 btw) Autumn Winter 10's cultural connect most definitely takes fash inspiration from popular TV Show Mad Men a much more grown up and recession freindly trend that will see you purchasing frocks that will become the staple of your wardrobe for years to come (and then hunted down by the shoreditch sisters of 2050 -who probabably be collecting our blackberrys and ipods as novelty bric-a-brac).
Very much in line with the Festival Lily Allen launched today Vintage at Goodwood. Retro takes to the mainstage again.
Expect the popularity of shows like Mad Men to rocket to new popularity as the profile of the cast and the style of the wardobe department start shaping your world.
From Prada's new heritage AW10 range (shown tonight at Milan Fashion Week) which is the sixties style with a very prada twist (like gorgeous frilled patent gloves).
Mad Men's stunning Christina Hendricks has been getting heat this week though over her weight- a glossy magazine editor was heard saying "you don't put a big girl in a big dress"- We'd beg to differ that a bone bag would look pretty terrible in that stunning Golden Globes Frock.

Come to our sample sale! It's online so no excuse..

Hey all our lovely fans on facebook- We have a very special event for you we will be doing an exclusive limited edition sample sale. We know you all love a bargain. Invite all your friends to attend too. Only People who RSVP will get the email update with the secret URL for the sale so act quick!!
Click through to attend!

Make Manolo Blahnik Uggs Cheap

This time we taunted or facebook fans with the following "Want a bet that we can hop to primark and the craft shop and make copy cat- versions of these $650 Manolo Blahnik Uggs for £7??"
Well we are most definately fans of being silly here at Misticon so we decided to get y'all started on your arts and crafts project we'd do a quick how to on how to make Pom Poms.
You will need:

* Cardboard
* Compass, or two circular items you can trace around.
* Wool
* Scissors

Charlotte wants everyone to know that she's the most awesome Pom Pom maker though and not to mess with her or else!

Forget about the Valentines heres the Betty Jam

What happens when you invite 18 girls aged 8-25 to an a girl snow fest on a Valentines weekend?
They Shred of course. They event was organised the Pryrenean St Larry Ski Resort and Im A Girl association, it was also sponsored by Nikita.
The weathed was sunny and the girls kicked ass in this free style snowboard competition.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Saro Autumn WInter 2010 Show round up from Misticon

With connections to Vivian Westwood, we knew that Swiss designer Saro’s third range would be note worthy. What we saw from our VIP Misticon seats was beautiful textures, gorgeous layering and plenty of structural shapes. Saro effectively uses a combination of jewel colours and neutral tones creating a chic reptilian vibe to his range (Thin McQueen meets Street.) We let the pics do the rest of the talking (yes they were shot on a camera phone!) but we just want to say one last thing. Respect goes to the guy for parading his pooch after the final walk. If we knew dogs were invited we would have done a Kelly O and brought Meatball along. Don’t think the fash pack would have appreciated his farts though!

Sex and the City 2 Spoiler!

Desperate for traffic Ok Magazine?

Sex And The City 2: Spoiler alert! (Find out who WON'T be in the movie)

Sex And The City 2: John Corbett - Carrie's ex Aidan - says he won't be appearing

Guess who else won't be in the Sex and the City Sequel either.
This is a Misticon exclusive Spoiler ... Are you ready

Congrats to Ashleigh McIvor Gold Olympics Medalist

When Ashleigh McIvor was an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia, she wrote an essay for her English class on why ski cross should be in the Winter Games.

She couldn't have imagined she would become its first Olympic champion.

The 26-year-old native of Whistler secured a place in Olympic history Tuesday, winning the inaugural women's ski-cross event in near-whiteout conditions before a packed house at Cypress Mountain.

Another fun fact about Ashleigh is that she went to School with one of the guys here at Misticon HQ. Apparently her mum used to be their school nurse.

Shaun White rings closing bell at new york stock exchange

It's a great sign that snowboarding has hit the mainstream. It's been a long time coming but 23 year old olympic gold medalist Shaun White recieved an ovation at the New York Stock exchange last night as he flashed of his second olympic gold medal (his new trick the double mctwist 1260 helped lead him to glory). White has joined the ranks of other high profile celebs like Anna Kournikova, Kiss and Darth Vadar (We kid you not!). Expect alot more from the flying tomato and more importantly snowboarding in general over the next couple of months

Dig out your Baby G watch its a nineties revival

90’s revival hits full force on the fashion front this week, bold colours, acid washes, retro style tees and baby G watches all feature strongly. We at the misticon offices jumped up and down with joy when we watched Rihannas new video and immediately started looking into foxy bold prints for next season. IF you need it now why not take a look at our sportwear luxe st moritz sweat and our phat vest both are durable enough (read layerable) to see you through march in style.

Alexander McQueen Lives on.

If it isn’t Naomi Flaunting her stuff at every show of London Fashion week to ebay opportunist boxer1727 flogging for $1 million! There’s definitely a hunger for McQueen on the market. He’s fashions must have item this week with stores like matches seeing a massive hike on (lower price pointed) accessories like the signature skull scarf that first made its debut in 2007 as the must have item. What makes us sad though is the thought that people snapping up these goodies are doing them for financial gains as apposed to a desire to own and wear and love a piece of fashion history. If you were contemplating snapping up some Mcqueen we’d advise you wait. The next two Mcqueen ranges have been designed by Lee (SS10 and AW10) and you can put money that the fad for these items will dissipate between now and then. All the current stuff on Matches and the like will be copied by the high street to death too. Make it special remember true love waits.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Wont be shown at any Odeon Cineams in the whole of the UK or Ireland over spats with Disney regarding the proposed DVD release date (12weeks instead of the normal 17 after release).
We will still go and que up for it tho the style looks great- we even did an homage picture for the Mad Hatter yesterday in our Spring Summer Shoot.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Rufus Hound Fight For this Love- Takes on Cheryl Cole

Rufus Hound does an awesome version of Cheryl Cole's fight for this love we wouldn't get argumental if he was a Misticon Lady

Interview with Anna Turney- Misticon Lady and Future Olympian

As she left the hospital in Japan, the doctor said “See you in the Paralympics” and now she's going to race in Vancouver!

x-boarder cross snowboarder Anna Turney, is competing in the Vancouver Paralympics in Alpine Skiing in March.

Anna broke her back snowboard racing in 2006 and turned to Monoski racing for the adrenaline buzz. Anna has won silver and bronze medals in international races this season after only skiing for three years.

Best of Luck to our newest Misticon Kick Ass Lady at the Paralympics in Vancouver.

1. Mountains, Beaches or London?
Obviously love being in the mountains and in beautiful wide open places, more of a country girl although its fun to spend a few days in cities.

2. what's your style?

I basically never read mags or watch much TV. Let’s say I create my own style. I have quite an eclectic taste, don’t have a particular set style, go with whatever takes my fancy. I love bright colours, quite quirky things like the beret, baker boy caps, quite fun things, flowers in my hair. I nearly always wear my Om pendant I brought in India years ago. I’m quite relaxed in my style, don’t like to be too formal although dressing up at times is fun. I like boots, scarves. I don’t usually go with run of the mill fashion trends that everyone flocks towards.

3. what's your favorite carb?
I love lemon drizzle cake, a good jam doughnut comes a close second.

4. best place to visit?
French Alps – summer and winter

5. worst injury?
Spinal cord in jury to T11, couple of broken ribs, concussion in 2006. Although being in a coma for a week aged 16 wasn’t great either.

6.Fav item of clothing from Misticon?;
you have to try some bits on. Love the silk linings (booter & jib) and wide neck tees (bella).

7. would you rather be stung by a scorpion or bitten by a snake?
bitten by a snake, then I could suck it out, get to see a beautiful snake rather than some horrible scorpion scampering about.

8. whats the worst thing someone could cook for you?
steak and kidney pie followed by blomonge.

9. fav tipple?

10.where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Fit, multilingualParalympicc medal winner, yummy mummy with loving husband, dog and a career in motivational speaking.

11.sum yourself up in 3 words
determined, enthusiastic, friendly

Friday, 19 February 2010

White Lines Comptetiton

Misticon have teamed up with another awesome Snow Brand to offer up another sweet competition to the Misitcon Ladies.
Click through to White Lines for your chance to win the Ace of Heart Vests (Modelled by Charlotte) worth £37!

Cooler Magazine Misticon Competition

Fancy Bagging yourself the hottest items from the Misticon Range? Misticon is the brainchild of former pro shredder Charlotte Dutton. Her stylish take on sporty garb includes this Go Faster hoodie worth £60 and St. Moritz jacket worth £65, Both are available to win here at Cooler Magazine

Cant wait to find out if you've won- shop the whole misticon range here

Torah Bright Gets Gold at the Olympics

Charlottes Crystal Ball may need a shake. But Congrats to Torah Bright who one the womens half pipe last night! Shes scored just 2.8 points above Kelly Clark getting a total of 45.00 points. BBC have got footage of the Womens Olympic half pipe finale -Torah Bright gets gold, Kelly Clark silver and Hannah Teeter not able to defend rank
Other News from the Womens Half Pipe Camp: Brit Girl snowboarder Lesley McKenna falls in both her of runs in qualification for the women's half-pipe on Cypress Mountain.
Other bad luck came to possibley the most famous Women's snowboarder in the Competition Gretchen Blieler Crashed on her second run placing her at 11th.
We also want to take this opportunity to wish our Misticon Sponsored Rider Anna Turney who will be heading up to whislter at the end of next week to compete for team GB in the Paralympic Games.

Kelly Osbourne going through Changes at NY FW

Oh its been cold and its been a week of bad news in the fashion industry but the fash pack have battled through it all in order to get papped on the FRow or the after parties. Here at Misticon HQ though we feel like some people might be battling a little too hard to rehash their Images and promote themselves as credibly fashionable.
When we first heard that Kelly Osbourne was going to involved in a Betsey Johnson Alexander McQueen homage-and would be walking the run way we were shocked. Then we saw the photos and were confused.

We'll be the first to admit that this pint sized rock princess has slimmed down alot since her Dancing with the stars stint- However she seeems to have forgotten to grown taller before jumping on to the cat walk. Clearly keen to be seen as the "IT Girl" for New york fashion week, Kelly continued the theme by jumping on the Catwalk at Naomi Campbell's Show for Haiti last friday, dressing up like fred flintstone, looking super good in tight leather at Lamb and then wearing the brand at Nanetted Lapore show.
It was a million times better than the 2007 incident, and Kelly looks good but were suspicious that this attack of the FRow is for other means. It was revealed to Hollywood Life that the socialite wants to get started on her own fashion label 'I really want to but it’s one of those things where I have to do it 100 per cent by myself. I would never just attach my name to something if I wasn’t actually doing it.'. Interesting...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Shaun Whites Awesome Jean Pants

So many people have been tweeting about Shaun's "Jeans" we thought we'd write a quickie blog about them.
Charlotte designed a very similar range for her Top Shop Moto Sno range.
They are "very convincing “jeans” area actually made of a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric. It’s an interesting kind of camouflage that intentionally tones down the high-tech nature of the performance gear."