Monday, 22 February 2010

Interview with Anna Turney- Misticon Lady and Future Olympian

As she left the hospital in Japan, the doctor said “See you in the Paralympics” and now she's going to race in Vancouver!

x-boarder cross snowboarder Anna Turney, is competing in the Vancouver Paralympics in Alpine Skiing in March.

Anna broke her back snowboard racing in 2006 and turned to Monoski racing for the adrenaline buzz. Anna has won silver and bronze medals in international races this season after only skiing for three years.

Best of Luck to our newest Misticon Kick Ass Lady at the Paralympics in Vancouver.

1. Mountains, Beaches or London?
Obviously love being in the mountains and in beautiful wide open places, more of a country girl although its fun to spend a few days in cities.

2. what's your style?

I basically never read mags or watch much TV. Let’s say I create my own style. I have quite an eclectic taste, don’t have a particular set style, go with whatever takes my fancy. I love bright colours, quite quirky things like the beret, baker boy caps, quite fun things, flowers in my hair. I nearly always wear my Om pendant I brought in India years ago. I’m quite relaxed in my style, don’t like to be too formal although dressing up at times is fun. I like boots, scarves. I don’t usually go with run of the mill fashion trends that everyone flocks towards.

3. what's your favorite carb?
I love lemon drizzle cake, a good jam doughnut comes a close second.

4. best place to visit?
French Alps – summer and winter

5. worst injury?
Spinal cord in jury to T11, couple of broken ribs, concussion in 2006. Although being in a coma for a week aged 16 wasn’t great either.

6.Fav item of clothing from Misticon?;
you have to try some bits on. Love the silk linings (booter & jib) and wide neck tees (bella).

7. would you rather be stung by a scorpion or bitten by a snake?
bitten by a snake, then I could suck it out, get to see a beautiful snake rather than some horrible scorpion scampering about.

8. whats the worst thing someone could cook for you?
steak and kidney pie followed by blomonge.

9. fav tipple?

10.where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Fit, multilingualParalympicc medal winner, yummy mummy with loving husband, dog and a career in motivational speaking.

11.sum yourself up in 3 words
determined, enthusiastic, friendly

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