Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Saro Autumn WInter 2010 Show round up from Misticon

With connections to Vivian Westwood, we knew that Swiss designer Saro’s third range would be note worthy. What we saw from our VIP Misticon seats was beautiful textures, gorgeous layering and plenty of structural shapes. Saro effectively uses a combination of jewel colours and neutral tones creating a chic reptilian vibe to his range (Thin McQueen meets Street.) We let the pics do the rest of the talking (yes they were shot on a camera phone!) but we just want to say one last thing. Respect goes to the guy for parading his pooch after the final walk. If we knew dogs were invited we would have done a Kelly O and brought Meatball along. Don’t think the fash pack would have appreciated his farts though!

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