Friday, 19 February 2010

Torah Bright Gets Gold at the Olympics

Charlottes Crystal Ball may need a shake. But Congrats to Torah Bright who one the womens half pipe last night! Shes scored just 2.8 points above Kelly Clark getting a total of 45.00 points. BBC have got footage of the Womens Olympic half pipe finale -Torah Bright gets gold, Kelly Clark silver and Hannah Teeter not able to defend rank
Other News from the Womens Half Pipe Camp: Brit Girl snowboarder Lesley McKenna falls in both her of runs in qualification for the women's half-pipe on Cypress Mountain.
Other bad luck came to possibley the most famous Women's snowboarder in the Competition Gretchen Blieler Crashed on her second run placing her at 11th.
We also want to take this opportunity to wish our Misticon Sponsored Rider Anna Turney who will be heading up to whislter at the end of next week to compete for team GB in the Paralympic Games.

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