Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Alexander McQueen Lives on.

If it isn’t Naomi Flaunting her stuff at every show of London Fashion week to ebay opportunist boxer1727 flogging for $1 million! There’s definitely a hunger for McQueen on the market. He’s fashions must have item this week with stores like matches seeing a massive hike on (lower price pointed) accessories like the signature skull scarf that first made its debut in 2007 as the must have item. What makes us sad though is the thought that people snapping up these goodies are doing them for financial gains as apposed to a desire to own and wear and love a piece of fashion history. If you were contemplating snapping up some Mcqueen we’d advise you wait. The next two Mcqueen ranges have been designed by Lee (SS10 and AW10) and you can put money that the fad for these items will dissipate between now and then. All the current stuff on Matches and the like will be copied by the high street to death too. Make it special remember true love waits.

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  1. Totally agree, have you seen the amount of stuff on eBay?
    People please, if you didn't wear it before he died, please don't start now x