Thursday, 25 March 2010

Who's in the office at Misticon?>

Happy Thursday everyone,
for those for you who don't know the misticon team that well we thought we'd fill you on a little bit more about us and what we do.
Charlotte Dutton- The Boss- Charlotte was a professional snowboarder and model for top international brands like diesel, pretty polly and topshop. She decided to build misticon a few years ago after her success designing Charlotte Dutton Moto Snow at Topshop.
Meatball- He's the real Boss- Meatball is a staff who makes a noise like bird if you touch his armpits. He also farts alot.
Hannah- (Thats Me!)- I write the blogs here at Misticon (aswell as a few other things) I have worked for online retailers like extremepie, urban surfer and tatters clothing. Before that I got a diploma in Canine Studies and ran a pub.
Ben- (aka Jerry) also used to snowboard, Ben's canadian, and is mostly in charge of counting things, posting things and making bagels and coffees. Hes good at it too.
Misticon Mum- Well the Misticon Mum is Charlottes Mum, shes around the head office everyday. Normally she's looking very stylish in some Misticon clothes. Sometimes she tidies up after us.
Lolly and Sweep- The other dogs at misticon they used to be really long haired but they've just got their summer coats in. These bearded collies like to put Meatball in his place and really like to have a nap in the Misticon Office.
George- Our lovely but crazy photographer. He takes every single picture you see on the Misticon site and then lovingly perfects them so you get to see our lovely clothes in the best light.
You can see more of his work here
Rich (with a B) Bushill- Richie is currently hard at work designing our own multibrand retail store. Hes a clever web guy and puts up with a lot of nonsense from us. Hes the clever brains behind alot of the silliness on our site. Have you seen the pooing birds?
Rich is freelance and his site is here
Vicki- Shes an amazing lady and our sponsored artist. Sometimes we think Vicki can read our minds shes so good. She is a crazy surf lady with a passion for fashion and alternative action sports we like her alot.
We reccommend her blog Its full of pretty pictures and news on her latest adventures.
If you like the sound of our team, we are always on the look out for musicians, athletes, make up arists and models.
contact us as

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