Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Charlotte Church hots up ITV

Mum of two and on/off alchoholic Charlotte Church looks as though she has turned over a new leaf as she waltzed on to the set of ITV's This Morning three dress sizes smaller. Now a svelt size eight Charlotte is looking fantastic she is obviously keen to reharness her image and been seen for her age. (After all the classical singer/ tv personality is only 24!).
Over the past the starlet has always had a very public battle with the media perception of her from angel face choir girl to chronic loudmouth party animal shes never seamed to be entirely comfortable with her celebrity.
She was speaking to Holly and Phil about the launch of her new bbc show Over The Rainbow where she will be one of the judges helping Andrew Lloyd Webber find his new Dorothy.
Shes certainly looking a lot healthier than she did this time last year.
Good luck Charlotte.

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