Monday, 1 March 2010

When Prada met Victoria's Secret

After much shouting out of the Prada camp last week that their new campaign’s model line up would shock the world we are a bit , ahem, underwhelemed by the lack of controversy in their choice of Models. They couldn’t have possibly been that much “bigger” than the average runway model just with a lb or two of extra "rack space". The only exception was the rather unfortunate Lara Stoen who’d been put into a dress that made her waist look bigger and less refined than reality. The whole line up though had seen the traditional androgynous boy shape or boho look replaced with a casting of Victoria’s secrets models. It seems as though their gamble has paid off because 94% of women quized by hollywood life said they would rather see these Victoria’s secret models on a runway than their skinnier counterparts. You can see the gallery by the new york times here

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