Monday, 8 March 2010

Oscars Best Dressed 2010

We were busying our selves in the Misticon Office today arguing over who we thought were the best and worst dressed Ladies at last nights Oscars ceremony.
We will post the results up sepearately for best and worst.
So in order from 3rd place to first goes like this:
3rd Place Nicole Richie-

She's been ranked in the worst dressed pile by several trash mags but we beg to differ, she could of dressed more formal for the occassion but we love the quirkiness of her choice of dress.
Joint Runner ups! In second place its Miley Cyrus (yes were shocked too!) and Rachel McAdams-
Teen bopper Miley Cyrus

(of Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Fame) did a really good job dressing for the event, everything from the shape to the colour ticks all the right boxes. The only let down was the presence of her cougar-esque mother who was pictured on her arm looking far to botoxed and dressed up like the Christmas Turkey.

Pitching in as joint second was Time Travellers Wife star Rachel McAdams
Who was looking very gorgeous in a long printed Maxi- she might have pipped for top ranking had she accessorised a little more as the dress was so powerful it took attention away from her.
Finally the Best Dressed Person at the Oscars 2010....
(Drum Roll Please.................) Katy Perry! Yehuh no kidding!

Russel Brands Fiance was looking tres stylish in this Koi karp style design. Everything suits her and thats the most important thing she looks glam and laid back in one hit. Kudos.

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