Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Queen hosts Clothing Industry reception at Buckingham palace

We turned down the invite (okay thats a lie-but Liz dont forget to invite us next year) but that does not mean that we'd miss up passing on some of the juicy gossip and pictures of the British Clothing Industry coming together at Buckingham palace at an event hosted by HRH and the Duke of Edinburgh to toast to well themselves.
The Famous and fabulous pottered around a V & A curated show formed by students of the Royal College of Art apres their drinks reception on arrival. Goss includes Zandra Rhodes causing a stir with the security for bringing in her pet Dog (perhaps the Corgi's dont socialise well?) and Prince Phillip dishing out another helping of political incorrectness, whilst viewing the exhibition noting the fact that not all students had been been born in the UK 'You are supposed to be supporting the British fashion industry, and not one of them...' he began before being cut off politely by the Curator.

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