Monday, 29 March 2010

Jennifer Anniston falls out with ANOTHER co-star

Ouch, Last week Grazia printed that she had be duped by Gerrard. This Week it would seem that Rachel and Ross are no more! After a friendly relationship that lasted 16 years David Schwimmer has cut all ties with previous costar of hit tv show friends after Jennifer claimed she had "no idea" who David was marrying later this year.
Neither did we if we were honest with you and the age difference between the two does seem a bit suspicious to us.
We did a bit of research and it turns out David (43) plans to marry 23 year old Photographer Zoe Buckman.
Jen has met her a couple of times but didn't know that they had recently gotten engaged. When quizzed about the up coming ceremony on a US TV show the actress hit a stumbling block and confessed she didn't know.
Apparantly David hasnt taken any of Jens calls since.
Jen has been busy on the campain trail for her new film this week and is getting cosy again with Gerrard.

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