Monday, 15 March 2010

Have you met Vicki??

Shes our absolutely fabulous new Misticon Artist. We love her and her work lots so we thought we'd share her with you by getting her to write a small blurb on herself!!
Victoria Jones:Having lived in Falmouth, Cornwall for 4 years where I graduated from Illustration in '09, I'm now working as an illustrator and designer with an interest in Graphic Design, Fashion and Textiles and Photography. I take inspiration from anything from travelling and different cultures and people (especially Latin America!) to nature, textures, patterns, collected objects, anything old with a sense of history and I especially like to take photographs of crumbling walls and doorways in little foreign towns.
I have surfed for about 5 years and during my final year in Falmouth I thought it would be fun to become an instructor and I was awarded my BSA Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification in July ’09. Surfing keeps me sane and healthy and has and continues to take me to many amazing places all over the world.

See more of Vicki's work @

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