Monday, 21 June 2010

Khaki the most difficult trend this summer

Cheryl Cole may broken hearted when it comes to one of her love affairs but her passion for khaki is still burning strong.
We've all see versions of her cargo paints and sleeveless jackets littering the high street stores and the bodies of the sylish ladies that prowl them however some of the key elements of the khaki trend have been worked to the bone already and been replicated everywhere.
We know that the fashion concious amongst you loathe to be caught in the same outfit as someone else which is why we design this gorgeous khaki grommet to handle your hunger for this key summer trend.
The grommet stretches to fit you cut underneath the bust for a flattering fit with gold luex and diamente trim details all boosting the overall finish of this fab dress.
Currently available at Misticon stockists including:
Urban Excess
Switch in Newport the Isle of Wight
Extreme Pie
And on our very own boutique web store:

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