Thursday, 17 June 2010

Perez Hilton loses money over Miley up the skirt shot

Self claimed queen of media Perez Hilton has got himself into a bit of hot water over Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.
He posted a picture up of the seventeen year old getting out of a car which showed she wasn't wearing any underwear.
What would be normal fodder for any tabloid or gossip mag if it were another celeb is made very different by the fact the Cyrus is a minor in the states and so in the eyes of the law this image is technically classed as pornography.
ABC the Disney owned entertainment group have already dropped their advertising on his blog and despite saying that their arrangement remains "unchanged" MTV's ad campaigns seem to have been removed too.
What's worse for the internet icon is that he could be charged for child pornography, face a fifteen year sentence and have his name placed on the sex offenders register for life.
All pretty heavy duty. Perez claims now that he would have never posted an illegal photograph and made an apology to anyone offended by his actions.
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