Friday, 22 January 2010

Interview with OnePiece aka Sandi Dhaliwal

Hey Guys,

So we all know how Misticon is made for Ladies who Kick Ass, Girls who generally ROCK & have a good time...

Well, we recently met up with One Piece AKA Sandy Dhaliwal, Music Journalist and DJ Extraordinaire.

Some people become Dames or Knights but if they're really cool, the greatest honour would be to be a Misticon Lady.

Misticon introduces and is proud to sponsor Sandy from West London, she kicks ass in our clothes.

What got you into DJing?
I got into DJing accidently. While I was a student at Bournemouth University, I was putting on club nights and gigs. I needed DJs for the different nights, but was having trouble finding the right sorts of DJs to fit the music policies of the nights. Having a massive music collection myself, I decided I may as well just do it myself! Other clubs, bars and promoters took interest and the work just kept coming in. Woo!!!

Whats your favorite Misticon item of clothing?
This is a hard question! There's too many! I love Misticon as the patterns are vibrant and the clothes are comfy as well as cutting edge at the same time. The t shirts with sexy neck lines are great as t shirts aren't always flattering on girls, but Misticon takes these girly sorts of dilemas into account, and incorporate them perfectly into their designs. The ski and snowboard thermals, Chamonix town top, Dirty Newfie hoodie and booty jersey hoodie dress all are fine examples of functional items which are perfectly sexed up the Misticon way to create slick, feminine and stylish clothing. Can I say all these are my favourites?!

Also as a party girl, I love to be out wearing quirky outfits that flatter my figure and reflect my personality. The Sorbet play suit, Ninja tank top set and waistcoat tank tops are exactly the sorts of garments that you would see me out clubbing in or playing a set in! These are all my favourites too hehe! See, there's just too many!!

What tunes have you got on your i-pod at the moment?
I don't actually own an I-Pod, I prefer to hear music through loud speakers! I still love buying records too, so not really got into the I-Pod thing yet. I am currently listening to the latest Wolfmother, MC Lars, The Living End, Yeah Yeah Yeah's and New York Dolls records though. I am also listening to old Le Tigre and Soulwax. Constantly on my playlist though is Kiss, Van Halen, Motley Crue and Def Leppard too! It's all about stadium rock!

Whats your worst nightmare?
If something happend to my music collection or my photo collection. As well as DJing, I take photos of bands and review gigs. I would be so sad if I lost any of them. I'd also be pretty sad if I lost my collection of corsets.

Whats your favourite place in London?
I love the Intrepid Fox and Crowbar pubs in the West End. They play the best music and I have been going there before and after gigs since my teens. When the Astoria was around, you'd tend to find the band who had just been on stage, drinking in the Crowbar or Intrepid Fox aferwards, so it was always a good place to spot bands. Metro was my favourite club on Tottenham Court Road, but it is sadly no more! The new favourite now is Feeling Gloomy in Islington or Whatever Happend to P Rock in Shoreditch.

Would you rather be bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion?
I think a scorpion would be scarier, they look like little aliens! Reluctantly I guess it would be a snake.

Wheres your local pub and kebab shop (rate them out of 10)?
The Green Man in Fitzrovia is the pub to be at! It's got the best DJs, friendliest bar staff and perfect atmosphere. Just for it's vast array of ciders it gets a 10 / 10. It's hard to find a good kebab shop these days. For me it was and always will be Chick O Land in Bournemouth. It is run of two Turkish twins made the best Kofte and hot wings I have ever eaten. It may not be local, but I'd travel for a decent kebab any day! That place also gets a 10 / 10.

When you were 12 who did you grow up wanting to be?
Funnily enough when I was 12 I wanted to marry Peter Andre. Did that make me want to be Katie Price?! Hehe. I was even in Peter Andre's fan club and I'm not afraid to admit it!! Seriously though, I definitely wanted to be a pop star. I aspired to be like Madonna and Kylie at the same time!

Sum yourself up in three words?
Hyper active, eccentric and silly.

In 10 years from now what do you think you will be doing?
Jumping in puddles at music festivals with a mini Sandy jumping around with me too.

Do turtles breath out through their bum yes or no?
Yes of course they do. I wonder if turtles call their poos turdles? ... My boyfriend actually wrote that sentence!

One Piece Gigs

Sandy writes a Column in the London Informer


If you think you are a Misticon Lady, or know so Kick Ass Chicks? Tell us about them, we'll give them the Simon Cowell treatment!



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