Monday, 1 November 2010

Cher Lloyd gets a make under

Cher Lloyd is out and about to get a make under!
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Cheryl Cole has been bleating on about Cher Lloyd – pictured arriving at rehearsals in London this afternoon – and she reckons viewers will be stunned when her protégée gets a make-under and performs a ballad on the show.

She said, “She’s going to be one of those acts where you suddenly go, ‘Wow!’ When we do a ballad you’ll see how much of a great singer she is” - No pressure there then.

Chezza continued, “She can really, really sing. She just has it. We’ll strip off her make-up and just make her a pretty girl with a fresh face and no snarling.”

So lets get this straight, Cheryl’s basically saying Cher is an ugly, dirty faced, snarler? That’s not very nice is it?!

[Images: Mr Paparazzi/Big Pictures Words: Candi Kays]

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