Thursday, 26 August 2010

DVD and album reviews on Subba Cultcha

Hey all, I have reviewed some new releases on Subba Cultcha.

First was comedy It's a Wonderful Afterlife, which was filmed in Ealing - the home of Misticon HQ!

Next was Centurion, a Roman period drama.

I've also reviewed The Count and Sinden's debut album Mega Mega Mega. If you like electro mixed with indie, dubstep, hip hop and latin beats; then this is for you.

Enjoy! More reviews are on their way. I have a stack of CDs and DVDs to watch and write about over the weekend! I am also currently loving the True Blood and Son of Anarchy series and cannot wait to see The Expendables next week so I can drool over Dolf Lundgren! But why did Sly Stallone leave out The Muscles from Brussels in his casting line up?! That's what I want to know!

One Piece xxx

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