Sunday, 11 April 2010

Back from Barca!

Great weather, great hotel (with a massive shower room!), great tapas and great sites. Barcelona has some lovely architecture and sites! Mine and Mr One Piece's faves included Gaudi designed stuff (Unfinished Cathedral/ Park Guell etc), the aquarium and port, the Olympic Stadium and La Ramblas which we checked out on the tourist bus! While Mr One Piece loved the Maritime Museum because he is a bit of a geek who loves Hornblower.

We weren't too crazy about the Picasso museum though! We don't really get art and kept sniggering at things. Ah well!

We dined in Hard Rock one night and saw some cool Kiss, Van Halen, Madonna, Alice Cooper, Morrissey and Foo Fighters memorabilia! The saxaphone chandelier was pretty rad too!

I would definitely recommend checking it out if you love art as there's load of galleries, exhibitions and museums. The Modernista architecture is great too. If you're a foodie too, there are tasty places to dine everywhere you look and bars to match too! All in all it's a lovely city with lots to see and wonderful atmosphere.

Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend whatever you got up to! Just purchased my Aerosmith tickets. Over a hundred quid - ouch! But going to be worth it! Dropkick Murphys and Face to Face gig next sunday! Yes!

Also worth an honourable mention is the Airbourne gig we went to the night before Barca! With 24 amps on the stage, those boys really rocked out bogan style! If you haven't heard of Airbourne before and like AC / DC, then they are worth having a listen to. The band live and breath rock and roll. They reminded me a little of Spinal Tap though! :)
The crazy lead singer also rocked out across the entire venue which was very nice for us in the balcony! He ran past our buddy Courtney at one point which was very very cool too! Check them out at

Much love,
One Piece xxx

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