Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cemetry Junction Film Review

Ricky Gervais films can be a bit of a hit or miss gamble- Ghost Town and the Invention of Lying are two that pop to mind for being particularly irritating.
So when I heard that him and Stephen Merchant had co written and produced a new film it wasn't first on my "To See" list. I went to the Cinema last night with the full intention of seeing new Drew Barrymore project "Whip it"- fate was against it as the 6.15 showing had sold out. Pulling at straws me and my best friend Ellie decided to gamble on Cemetry Junction.

We were plesantly suprised whilst the film didn't ever punch in as many jokes as you would expect from a Merchatn/ Gervais project - it was overal pleasant and enjoyable.
This social comedy tells the story of three young men from a working class town called Cemetry Junction i nthe 70's. Faced with low expectations from their families and neighbours alike it follows them as they explore issues with their home lifes, work and of course ladies.
Particularly noteable was the performance of Tom Hughes and Felicity Jones who both shine in this film.
Well worth a mid week watch.

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