Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sandra Bullocks Baby adoption hints in Oscar Speech

We’ve all known girls who have been through hell in relationships and have indulged in a little pick me up. The girlfriend viciously dumped (or perhaps unhappy in a relationship) who buys a kitten, or a rabbit or a puppy. The office colleague who had to move back in with their parents for a bit of emotional support. Many of us are guilty for having a post break up one night stand. But Sandra Bullock has gone one further and stepped out of her media silence accompanied by her new son Louis Bardo Bullock
an adopted toddler from New Orleans. Perhaps this is the perfect way for the beautiful star to move on from her last three months of hell (since finally winning an Oscar a string of her tattooed biker husband Jesse’s affairs have fallen quite grotesquely at of the closet). Already dubbed “an amazing stepmother” to Jesse’s daughter and renowned for being “great with kids” we’ll sure she’ll do a great job.
Rumour has it that her Oscar acceptance speech was riddled with clues that she was planning to adopt.
See the video here. This news comes just as Bullock admits she will be filing for divorce against Jesse James but will not seek custody.

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