Friday, 9 April 2010

Jessica Simpson, Make-up Free. Whatchu Think?!

Usually I'm not one for celebrity shenanigans but this magazine cover had me intrigued. Jessica Simpson posed for Marie Claire completely make-up free. No retouching. Nada. Just Jessica.

I ain't one to call anyone a liar but I'm really not sure about this picture. It might be my tired eyes, but doesn't she look like she definitely has got a bit of eyeliner going on? Or at least some mascara? Come on ladies help me out. Especially you pro's out there. Tell me if I'm hating on a sister. I see filled in eyebrows and some face powder. Oh and a touch of blush and matte lipstick! This could be the best natural make-up there ever was!

This picture below looks "natural"

Then again it could all be my eyes. Let me know!

Funky Sister Deborah

*note* These pictures do no belong to me. I merely borrowed them from Google :)

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