Friday, 16 April 2010

When we met Rogue's sponosred skater Georgie Winter

When we met Rogue sponsored rider Georgies Winter we couldn't help ourselves but ask a few cheeky questions.
Whats your name:
Georgie Winter
How old are you:
Working in a pub, Skating and Student
When you're not doing that what are you upto:
Sleeping (Charlotte is keen on this pastime too)
Are you City Shopper or a Pub Dweller:
Pub Dweller
Drink of Choice:
Favourite Place to Skate:
UK, I'd have to be loyal and say Pioneers St Albans- Outside the UK Prague Mistique Cup
Favourite TV Show:
Interesting.. which Lost person are you:
Describe yourself in three words:
Awesome Awesomer and Awesomerer
Favourite Item of Clothing:
This Leather Jacket

Georgie is in the Uk's first all girl Skate Film As If And What available at Misticon

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