Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fashions new social networking platform- Uk Fashion Addicts

Whether you’re a Model, Buyer or Blogger there’s now a great social networking site on the horizon. Uk Fashion addict might just be your new favourite platform. The team our launching the site with a special event from Molton House in SOHO tomorrow.
We signed up and reviewed the site for you this morning.
Site Layout: It's clean and stylish- easy to navigate. But we cant really guage what the site is for?
Members: There's not a lot of active people on the site- and you can't find out who people are and what they actually do.
Best Tool: Cant find it yet.
It seems like a brilliant idea- lets hope that as they press it more it actually takes off and works. The site design is definately 10 steps ahead of the content at the moment.

Visit UK Fashion Addicts

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