Friday, 7 May 2010

The 2010 Election- what the hell happened?

As we write this the General election looks pretty dodgy still and a lot of people are quite angry at what had happened at some of the polling stations yesterday (voters being turned away despite arriving before 10pm), there’s also been plenty of reports that suggest that Postal Votes are being intercepted and that people not eligible for the vote were sent ballot papers and were allowed to use them.
In the footage from TV reports it would seem that it was mainly young people who were waiting outside to vote.
It doesn’t seem very fair that after the electoral commission spent so much time and money (that tv ad campaign) spent so long trying to convince the under 25s vote that they should be turned away at the last hurdle.
Let us know what you think- If you were turned away from voting last night let us know- we’d like to here more about it.
We’d also like to here your opinion on the “first past the post” voting system. Is it fair that a large portion of voters could chose one party and then for them not to be adequately represented in the government?
Nick Clegg has just said "Our electorial system is broken"

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