Thursday, 6 May 2010

Love is a pair of Skinny Jeans

All you need is love. The Beatles obviously hadn't met skinny jeans when the crooned that number because the once thought fad is now a wardrobe staple. Whilst you can pick up a pair of skinny jeggings with changed from a tenner at primark it's far more sensible to operate a chic-a-nomics policy when it comes to wardrobe favourites.
Our style team have whittled it down to the following equasion
Cost / (amount of use * style stakes score) = CPW value
So look at it this way those Primark jeans you paid £10 for but enevitably will fall apart by the end of the season and are seen on hundreds of other girls have a low amount of use and low style stakes score.
We're just estimating here but it works out like this:
10 (cost)/ (wear 20 times * Style Stakes Score of 3=60) equals = 0.17 CPW Value

Then compare it to these beautiful Monkee Genes. They get bonus points for style as their organic and they're faves of Grazia, Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe. Plus they're made in the Uk out of 100% pure cotton ingredients bumping up their quality value. There cost per wear would work out something like this
49.99 (cost)/ (wear 50 times * Stakes Stakes Score of 8= 400) equals= 0.125 CPW Value.

We were so elated with this scientific proof that we've decided to offer you- yes you our lovely blog reader £5 off your purchase of Monkee Genes with this discount code "cpwblog" bringing that CPW Value even lower.

This is an exclusive offer to our new online multibrand store

Now thats Chicanomics ( Even the outnet couldn't compete with that one!)

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