Thursday, 13 May 2010

Monkee Genes available at Misticon featured in Vogue

We know a good thing when we see one which is why we weren't suprised at all when Vogue dedicated a whole article to Monkee Genes the Organic Jean brand.
Laura Bailey had this to say "I’m not a faddy jeans girl and it takes quite a lot to sway me from my trusty workaday uniform of faded black and sky-blue skinnies, but now I’m thinking apple-green superskinny babycords; rolled up on the beach instead of stuffed into boots. A whole new (summer) state of mind perhaps…"
They are "organic and Soil Association certified - all in all pretty angelic. A "No blood. No sweat. No tears" ethos, eye-popping candy colours and slick slouchy design; some jeans are made in fashion heaven..."
Available online now grab your high fashion credential jeans at

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