Monday, 24 May 2010

Brittany Murpheys Husband Simon Monjack found dead five months on

Brittany Murphey was often compared to a 30's hollywood siren. Her death was shocking five months ago and now there is a new twist to the tale. Just five months after Brittany Murphey was found in her shower having a cardiac arrest - her brit husband Simon Monjack has died after a suspected heart attack.
Attempts were made to resuscitate the 39 year old but failed. Simon had been subject of controversy in the papers after he tried to pursuade the police not to carry out a post mortem on the clueless star.
He was shook up by the death of his wife, leaving all her belongings as they were and couldn't bear the thought of her having her body cut up by forensics.
Brittany was officialy diagnosed as having a complicated case pneumonia and the coroners official had indicated that drug use kick started the cardiac arrest. The 8 mile star's death was deemed an accident.
This is not the first incident of heart trouble that Monjack has suffered with having had a heart attack last year whilst on vacation.

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