Monday, 17 May 2010

Marc Jacobs Shop Girl gets odd tip

Imagine you are opening up a Marc Jacobs store in the morning the mail comes through you open up an envelope addressed to you and inside you find a mass white powder. First thought? Anthrax? Possibley?
You call the FBI feeling a bit freeked, they show up deem it unimportant and pass the buck to your local copper.
The Good news? Its not anthrax. It's coke and the po-po are taking you down for questioning.
This was the day of the SoHo Marc Jacobs store worker this saturday. She was realeased without charge. "It appears to have been a huge mix-up," said a sourc "The girl has no idea why she was sent it. The cops are looking into whether it was intended for someone else in the building. But she was not happy with how she was treated by the police and is considering filing charges."
All we're saying is that's one hell of a tip from Lindsay Lohan.

Please Note: We are not insinuating that Lindsay Lohan is involved with any kind of drugs, We all know the only unfortunate contact the Herby star has had with the White Stuff is when it showed up in those jeans she borrowed. Also doubt Lindsay Lohan tips Shop Girls

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