Thursday, 6 May 2010

Feeling your blood boil? Work Stress causes heart disease in young women

High Stress in the work place is more likely to cause heart disease in women under the age of 50 than any other external factor.
The study was conducted on 12’000 nurses by Danish research in Occupational and Environmental Medicine concludes work pressure has a greater effect on young women than those in their 50s and 60s.
Studies are more commonly done to investigate the link between males and high blood pressure.
We thought in light of this survey we'd give you 3 top stress busting tips. Our Model Sarah was starting to feel the strain from a hard days work

1. Switch from Caffeine and Cigarettes to herbal tea and sleep.
Depressants and addiction influence how we feel more than we'd like to acknowledge but cutting back on habits that make us feel edgy will definitely help your body develop a natural level of mood.
2. What are Human Resources Good For? Not Nothing.
If you are feeling under pressure or one of your working relationships is under strain you wont just be stressing yourself out- it's likely that you'll be underperforming too. HR staff are trained to deal with work conflicts and help you resolve them.
3. Take Breaks.!
We conducted our own survey that suggests a whopping 72% don’t take our full allocated breaks- it's a law for a reason.
Making sure you take a break every four hours..
If you want more info on heart disease why no visit the British heart foundation’s webpage.

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