Friday, 21 May 2010

Lindsay Lohan under warrant!

Whoop Whoop- Lindsay will be dodging the sirens all day today under the news that a judge has issued a bench warrant for the struggling celeb after she failed to show in court yesterday.
The troubled singer actress was critisised for being photographed partying whilst in cans amongst sceptism that she wouldn't get the clear bill for attending driving and alchoholic awareness meetings post DUI scandal.
The judge has now revoked Lohan's probation and set bail at $100,000 (£69,883) for the Mean Girls star, who is reportedly still in France, where she is attending the Cannes Film Festival.

"She has a history of not keeping scheduled appointments. I couldn't be more clear about the priority of this case and getting things done," said Judge Marsha Revel.

She added: "She should have made sure she either didn't go to Cannes or, if she went there, she should be back two days early. If she wanted to be here, it looks to the court she could have been here... She's not here. There's really no valid excuse."
Her agent had warned on Wednesday that her Passport had been stolen and would therefore be unlikely to make her probation hearing. The singer is set to fly over from Cannes today to Los Angeles.

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  1. I know the court or police can do nothing against such celebrity. Every time the will escape. She was enjoying in France in Cannes and enjoying the Night parties. I watched her activities in DIRECT TV. She will not mend her ways.