Friday, 14 May 2010

Miley Cyrus- You can get this lapdance here for free

Miley Cyrus shows us that shes more than ready to follow in Britney's footsteps at the wrap party for her latest film The Last song by lap dancing for 44 year old Adam Shankman(shes aged 16 in this clip).
Adam is a judge on the Us show so you think you can dance and is openly gay.
He tweeted yesdterday "Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister.". Hes got in hot water regarding the Hannah Montana star before by posting raunchy pictures of her up on his twitpic account.Billy Rae Cyrus has leapt to his daughters defence saying "That's just what people her age do".

I hope she's embarrased as I was by this video.

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