Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Samantha Cameron is the Youngest First Lady Ever

Watching the news footage this morning- the point was raised that both Nick Clegg (Lib-Dem leader and now Deputy PM as part of the democrat-tory cabinet) and our new Prime Minister David (or should we still call you Dave?) Cameron are very young for leaders. Both 43 they are are over a decade younger than labour leader Gordon Brown and both a year younger than Tony Blair when he came to be PM in 1997. Cameron is the youngest PM then for nearly 200 years.
But his wife Samantha Cameron beats him by being the youngest first lady (prime ministers wife) as far as records can prove.
She's also going to be responsible for the second child born to number 10 in 150 years.
So now the Cam's have secured their names against Pitt the Younger in the history books.

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